SE C905 on Three Mix & Match 1100 18months 27pcm @ Dial A Phone + Quidco
SE C905 on Three Mix & Match 1100 18months 27pcm @ Dial A Phone + Quidco

SE C905 on Three Mix & Match 1100 18months 27pcm @ Dial A Phone + Quidco

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Available from Dial-a-phone.

SE C905
Three Mix & Match 1100, 18months contract

Term cost £486
Quidco £50
youatwork link £45

Therefore, effective cost £21.72pcm.


For the Mix & Match 1100 it will cost you £42pcm if you go through Three for the SE C905plus. The cheapest contract on SE905plus is £30pcm for 300 mix/match on Three website.


Can you explain this --- youatwork link £45

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Can you explain this --- youatwork link £45

See attached voucher.


See attached voucher.

Ah right - thanks :thumbsup:

I would advise stay well clear of this phone, the build quality is very poor.
I have got rid of mine and gone back to Nokia.

i work with phones all the time and this phone i have got to say is one of the best out there on the market at present, very good in all departments. there isn't many other phones that will match up to the high standard of quality it has.

You have to be joking, I have 4 friends with this phone 3 of them have had the internal speaker failed.
My speaker doesn't work and I have never dropped the phone or subjected it to any miss use, and now the screen is intermittently working.
Sony Ericson's answer was, the phone was damaged from moisture coming from my leg? My N95 is 3 years old and still works perfectly.

also had the internal speaker fail on this phone. paid for it to be fixed and it has now failed again only a month since being replaced. given up on this phone now.

surely the speaker is covered by warranty?

Yeah these phones are really unreliable, speaker faults, keypad faults are the most common. I wouldn't touch it with a barge pole! The features of the handset are very good, good camera, good screen just let down by poor build quality. shame really.:oops:
The speaker fault would be covered under warranty though so It wouldn't cost you anything to have it repaired.

Pretty pleased with mine - so far. I have noticed though that a few SE phones have dodgy speakers AND mics. I've had a k750 and k800 go nips up in that way.

I do like SE but this is last chance saloon - if I have te same problem I'll never touch them again!

Also 18 months... Never risk it personally, but if you're happy chancing it good on yer!

Phone is good apart from having to go back with yes faulty earpiece and when it came back the faulty list was loooonngg!!! So It is a phone I would not pick again and if i had the choice to change it I would.

Mine went faulty as well, SE don't seem to have any quality control these days. Think I'll pick up the new Iphone next month.
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