SE K800i Free on Vodafones Cheapest 12month tarrif.
SE K800i Free on Vodafones Cheapest 12month tarrif.

SE K800i Free on Vodafones Cheapest 12month tarrif.

The Vodafone website has the Sony Ericsson K800i at £100 on the cheapest 12month tarrif they offer (£20pm), however if you call up and do it over the phone and ask they will offer you this handset for free.

Tel: 08080408408


What's the minutes/texts you get with the deal? Had a look at your link and got lost in a sea of 1/2 price line rental.

so the term cost is £240?
doesnt seem like that good a deal, cant imagine vodafones cheapest tarrif giving much mins or texts....

its one hell of a fone, cheap at twice the price, imo.

wouldn't trade my k800i for the world (or maybe a K900i in a years time!!)

(scrub that fones4u got me a 10 month contract in November so i'll be on the lookout in september)

Not that good a deal
I called up o2 and got £15 pm for 200min anytime x net and 500 texts plus the K800i free

that was back in September.

This was £58 total term cost from e2save before xmas, now all the mobile deals are rubbish since they are waiting for new phones and 06 results etc.

While this offer is ok, it is still £240 term cost, when for weeks b4 xmas it was £59-£100ish total term cost.

Right now this is available from ]buymobilephones.net
12month contract on
]Orange Dolphin 35 (250x-net-anytime-mins/250sms)
]Racoon 35 (250x-net-anytime-mins/50sms/125anytime-landlinemins)

Each with £245 cashback.

Total term cost £175, £155 after quidco.

Not as good as before xmas offers, but not bad :thumbsup:

That sounds good enough to me schizoboy! I've been wanting to get one of these k800i for a while but wasn't sure as to which place would give me the best deal. That's the best I've seen so far. Thanks a lot!

Just one thing, does anyone know about the reliability of "buymobilephones.net" before I go any further?
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