SE Xperia X10 - 3000 minutes + Unltd texts @ £55 PM @ Mobiles.co.uk (Possible 17 months FREE?)
SE Xperia X10 - 3000 minutes + Unltd texts @ £55 PM @ Mobiles.co.uk (Possible 17 months FREE?)

SE Xperia X10 - 3000 minutes + Unltd texts @ £55 PM @ Mobiles.co.uk (Possible 17 months FREE?)

Posted the same tarrif the other day but for a HTC desire.
Personally like this phone better and it seems to be more expensive everywhere I look so thought it worth posting?

It's on Vodafone if anyone wanted to know (although the handset is supposed to be unlocked?) and it isn't going to appeal to many (if any?)

Been toying with the idea of actually spending some money and getting one of these phones, but haven't done thus far, or wouldn't be mentioning this.

It's via redemption so it's going to upset 50% of the readers of this before they've got any further, but I thought it was a good-ish deal?

24 month contract (Yawn), but with 17 months FREE by redemption.
It's with Mobiles.co.uk who I've not had a problem with personally regarding cashback.
(Just finished one 12 monther and half way through my second and considering my 3rd contract which is how come I ended up looking at this in the first place.)

It's a steep £55 a month which is a staggering £1320 over term!
Assuming the cashback goes ok and pays out as and when claimed, all £935 of it, then you're left with an overall contract cost of £385 or £16.04 a month.
(Shame you can't just get it for the £16.04 to start with)

There is of course another £50-ish if you happened to go through TCB or Quidco, but can't include that so am just mentioning it.

I think it's too much to risk as a monthly outlay, but if you talk a lot, an awful lot and are paying this sort of money out already then perhaps it's not a bad deal?

Think it's pretty silly to offer this phone, well any smart phone, without the interweb in some way, shape or form, but that's just me.
(Don't know if you could add the interweb to this tarrif later for a fee?)

Like I said at the beginning, won't appeal to many but was the cheapest way of owning one of these that I could find, if you really want one and don't mind the risk of cashback redemptions?
And it was the proper full size one and not the little "mini" one that has just arrived.

No doubt I'll be able to keep my lollies cool/frozen on the back of this one, thanks :-)


rubbish phone with loads of issues and its running android 1.6 not 2.1 if you read the reviews u would never buy one i had the choice of one of these or a desire as a replacement for my HD2 and after reading up on the Sony its ***** loads of issues very laggy and its a Sony ericsson. Do us a favour Sony and leave the high end smart phones to the companies that have a clue like HTC and Apple, you said that its more expensive but what does that mean? to me it means nothing as I'm not aware of anyone that has bought one or ever would the desire is the best phone I've ever had and i love it I'm so glad i choose this over an iPhone.

I had the HTC HD2 at launch and i had nothing but trouble with it so got it changed and have never looked back and it gets better as android 2.2 is out on the 23rd and sources say that will be the day the desire gets the upgrade as its HTC's flagship phone and rightly so the Sony is an oddity that will be £500 in 12months like the satio but no one owns or wants one.

Last thing that's a rubbish deal mate You can do way better and anyone can sell anything thaey want at any price but it doesnt mean anyone will buy it.

SE dropped the ball massively with this - it has no multi-touch (and it's a hardware limitation so not something you can workaround).

Shame really - an Android phone with Walkman music and Cybershot camera would be amazing but we all know that mobile companies can't do amazing and so

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