sea bream on fresh fish counter usually £3.64 now £2.00 at ASDA.
sea bream on fresh fish counter usually £3.64 now £2.00 at ASDA.

sea bream on fresh fish counter usually £3.64 now £2.00 at ASDA.

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bought some fish today,fish person told me that sea bream will be on offer starting tomorrow.Do not know if available on line.


My favourite fish, good find. Just no Asda nearby! :x

Hot love fish

Good offer,is this a nice fish,ive never had it

"Do not know if available on line."

It would be available on my line if I held the fishing rod......

Sorry, couldn't resist... fish...line

I'll get my coat but I'll vote hot first


Hot love fish

;-) LOL


Good offer,is this a nice fish,ive never had it

If you've been to the Med on holiday and had "Dorade" - you've had Sea Bream. The skeleton looks just like a cartoon image of a fish eaten by Tom the cat! A firm flaky fish but watch for loose bones - they're hard and easy to spot. Tasty. 20 mins in the oven and you're done. Good buy.:thumbsup:

never had this, but i've only just discovered 'cobbler' fish. yummy.

are they still alive ? need some for the pond

I love fish but prefer fresh fish that have been just caught fresh from the sea. You can tell the difference between fresh fish & fish that have been frozen for a while as the fish meat taste completely different. Fresh fish does not smell fishy when caught straight from the sea, cooked & eaten. Ask the seamen on their daily catch when you're on your holidays That fishy smell you get is there because its giving off gases as it is the decaying enzymes go to work at breaking down the tissue after been caught from sea for a long time. This is natural.

Fish is very good for you whether its steam, poached, fried, blanched, ect. But raw fish is meant to be very healthy as you lose less nutrients been destroyed when cooking. Think fresh Salmon sandwiches or Sushi. Don't think you can just eat Fish & Chips everyday & stay healthy as it's fried in fat. That steam or smoke that you see when you cook is actually the nutrients that you have destroyed.

Watch this for insight of the Japanese obsession of fish;

Eh? You wouldn't eat partridge, pheasant, deer, boar or even decent Aberdeen steak as soon as it was killed, so why not let fish hang for a few days? The Icelandics make a delicacy of 6 month old rotting shark. mmm!
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