Sea food pouches for cats at Fultons 20p instore

Sea food pouches for cats at Fultons 20p instore

Found 9th Feb 2018
Fultons (Sheffield) selling 5 for £1. Direct from Feline Fayre is 20 for £14 (70p per pouch).

The link I've provided is NOT to Fultons as they don't show any products. Our mega fussy Bengals have just gulped them down - they normally have Purina and Whiskas and won't touch other stuff which we have tried out.
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To see the product and details go to:…85g

Although I wouldn't personally be buying pouches at 70p a time, it does contain real pieces of fish, and not the typical brown chunks of "fish-smelling" food. (How and why do they manage to turn everything - fish, chicken, and tuna - into the same brown colour chunks anyway??)
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Cat food, lets just say chicken (same with all varieties), must by law contain a minimum of 4% chicken for the manufacturer to call that food chicken flavour. The rest is made up of god knows what. Either way, most the meat in most cat food regardless of it being Whiskas or more expensive brands like Purina Gourmet, contains "meat" that would not be eaten by humans. By the time it is mixed in with all the other rubbish it looks and smells the way it does,.

If you spend enough you will find cat food that looks and smells nice, though it comes at a bit of a cost! I cant justify This kind of cat food when i can buy 84 pouches of bulk boxes of whiskas for between £14-£16 pound on amazon. Whiskas and a decent quality cat biscuit and my Delilah is perfectly healthy old girl.
I agree with pretty much all you say. Of course, what makes it a deal is the 70% cheaper than normal. Also the fish content in Feline Fayre is 68% !!! No wonder the normal price is an arm & a leg lol.

By the way - keep check on prices for Whiskas, etc. on Zooplus and bitiba. Thanks for your post
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Not just chicken, but a little MDMA if the look of the cat on the packaging is anything to go by!

Or some Cat-amine?

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Ahhh! explains why my 2 bengals went bonkers for more! haha
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