Sea Monsters: A PreHistoric Adventure DS £14.99 at

Sea Monsters: A PreHistoric Adventure DS £14.99 at

Found 27th Mar 2010
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Sea Monsters: A Prehistoric Adventure (National Geographic) - £14.99 at

The computer game adaptation of National Geographic's Sea Monsters film will allow players to explore the underwater world of these amazing prehistoric monsters in a fun and interactive recreation of the Cretaceous period. Gamers will take control of the gargantuan beasts as they hunt, hide and fight their way through their daily battle for survival.

Control six prehistoric sea creatures all with their own strengths and abilities.

Collect fossil pieces which are hidden throughout the interactive game world to unlock new monsters and information.

The game world is divided into six locations providing a visually stunning recreation of the prehistoric world. Some monsters are better suited to areas than others.

Gain bonuses by completing the challenges in each of the areas. Every area has a specific challenge for each monsters.

Sea Monsters' non-linear structure allows the player to choose from a number of scenarios and select the monster that best suits the area.

National Geographic media helps players in the game and educates them about the creatures and their environment.

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