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Alton towers buy 1 get 1 free When you buy a multipack (6packs) of Seabrook's crisps
Found 20th Apr 2018Found 20th Apr 2018
Alton towers buy 1 get 1 free When you buy a multipack (6packs) of Seabrook's crisps
When you buy a multipack (6packs) of Seabrook's crisps you get a buy 1 get 1 free voucher for Alton towers Hope this helps someone out as it's nearly £50 for 1 adult ticket to Alt… Read more
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What happens if you select 2 adults


So it does! I booked online...Thursday I think


Voucher expires 31st May 2019. Very strange... Did you book online or do it on the day?


Might have something to do with the voucher expiring on the 31st may?? I don't was £33 last week (I went saturday) I also strongly advise you get some fast track tickets aswell....we had to que for wicker man ride for 2/half hours (annoyed)


Could you please let me know how you got 2 tickets for £33? When following your link, selecting 1 paying adult and then entering the code states that the price will be £55. I am booking for 21st June and the Online saver price for this date is £33, however the Seabrook price is £55 and I can't work out how to get 2 for £33 like you said?

18 x 40g bags of Seabrooks Lattice crisps (various flavours) for £10.66 delivered from Seabrooks (59p each)
Found 24th Oct 2014Found 24th Oct 2014
18 x 40g bags of Seabrooks Lattice crisps (various flavours) for £10.66 delivered from Seabrooks (59p each)
THESE ARE THE SHARING BAGS WITH A PEELABLE FRONT 59p each Seabrook Lattice crisps have a unique criss-crossed design, that lets flavour seep deep into their crispy crevices, givi… Read more

Not much of a deal for a single box, but the voucher will work on each type of box ordered bringing the overall average cost per bag down to 38.4p per bag (£27.66 for 72 bags) e.g. Details Name Unit Price Quant. Total 40g x 18 Lattice Variety Box (6x SS, 6x CO, 6 x SV) £9.72 £9.72 40g x 18 Lattice Cheese & Onion Flavour £9.72 £9.72 40g x 18 Sea Salt & Red Wine Vinegar £9.72 £9.72 40g x 18 Lattice Natural Sea Salt £9.72 £9.72 Sub Total: £38.88 Discounts Apply ! £20.00 Shipping Estimate (1 to 6 boxes = £5.00): £5.00 Country: VAT: £3.78 Grand Total: £27.66


Sure I've seen these in Home Bargains to


Now I got the exact same email as you probably, when I click on mine said £11.66 inc vat a box with £5 delivery, Now I've just clicked and it says £10.66, I'll try again later it may go down to £9 Just trying to work it out.....£9.72 + vat at 20% is + £1.95 = £11.67 + £5 postage = £16.67 - £5 voucher = £11.67, so I don't see were they have got the 94p vat from, vat on the £5 postage would be £1


I'll get my coat. :(


Oh and they are not latticed...........

Free 6 pack of seabrooks crisps with voucher
Found 12th Aug 2014Found 12th Aug 2014
Free 6 pack of seabrooks crisps with voucher
Free 6 pack of Seabrook's crisps Shared Via The HUKD App For Android.
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Yep, used 3 coupons this morning in Tesco 70p overage per coupon so got £2.10 off my other items :D


Just used mine, got 10 and the coupons scan at £1.70 each in tesco so 70p overage per coupon!


Went to print this off ..told i had to upgrade Java which I did and then auto said thank you for printing your voucher but no voucher and now expired. Loads of effort for nothing!! :(


Tried 3 different browsers but wouldn't print, then ran out before I could try again!


Expired now..

Free bag of seabrook lattice crisps with facebook voucher
Found 24th Jul 2014Found 24th Jul 2014
Free bag of seabrook lattice crisps with facebook voucher
Like on facebook and print the coupon....simples. Plus £1 cashback via checkoutsmart or clicksnap - hc4eva
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nope...still freezes :(


wouldnt print despite installing Java as they requested.


it's working now guys finally printed mines x


They are working on the issue "We're currently having technical issues with our free coupons. We're in the process of rectifying this and will update you in due course!"


Don't print for me

Seabrook multi-packs ALL 66p @ ASDA
Found 23rd Apr 2010Found 23rd Apr 2010
Seabrook multi-packs ALL 66p @ ASDA
DEAL DEAL DEAL - All Seabrook multi-packs 66p at ASDA

i dont get why they are so cheap! they are amazing! like the see-thru old style packets better tho!


I could have sworn they were 3 for £2 with all the other crisps when I went in this week....


I bought some today, they're still marked as 3 for £3 on the shelves at my local Asda but they scan at £0.66 each


Not in my local Asda :-( still 3 for £3


amazingly full of salt prefer the cheese and onion ones

free sample of seabrook hot & spicy crisps
Found 6th Aug 2009Found 6th Aug 2009
free sample of seabrook hot & spicy crisps
THE HOTTEST THING IN CRISPS Who knows what our founder Mr C Brook would say about them, but our sizzling new Hot & Spicy range is already setting taste buds on fire. With four… Read more
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[COLOR="Purple"]It's hard to get these down south as they are very much a northern crisp! I've heard that Budgens are going to start doing them, and the happy shopper near me might be as well. I SO want to try the Wasabi flavour! I've gotta see if they'll send me some if everyone else has been lucky with it :)Bet they are leathal. Pringles did the wasabi ones and they are fine at first but kick in with a very stong flavour after a few seconds.[/COLOR]


Got my packets of Seabrooks yesterday (Wednesday) smashing crisps ....highly recommend them, family love them to.:thumbsup::thumbsup:


i just had a bag of the wasabi ones and they are fab highly recomended :)


Well that's hardly a recommendation as McCoys are bloody horrible!! :x


Yep so did I not as hot as they said but great offer.:thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:

crisps 20p at asda
Found 29th Nov 2008Found 29th Nov 2008
crisps 20p at asda
All strong flavours. BEEFY SALT N VINEGAR> CHEESE N CHIVE ETC....Best Pub crisps ever!!!!! Just need the cheap beer now ........BLISS!!!!!!

I just been to Asda and brought back 2 of each flavour they had yum!!!! It does annoy me though that even though Seabrook is a Bradford company, all the suprmarkets locally still only do a small number of the flavours.


:w00t::w00t: Superb. Just ordered a box for me !! Early xmas present:santa::gift:


£5 p&p for 1st box and then £2 er box after that. Still a great price in my opinion at £0.35 a bag


Yes, but they don't have Beefy or Canadian Ham in Home Bargains! Not here anyway......12.00 a box + 5.00 p & p


they have these in Home Bargains, 6 packs for 99p I think.

Free bag of Seabrook Crisps
Found 28th Mar 2008Found 28th Mar 2008
Free bag of Seabrook Crisps
Get a free bag of seabrook crisps Click "NEWS ST STATION" button then PostBox

wont let me fill in any info either.


Sorry :(


Yep...won't accept text here either....


There was the option to volunteer to be a tester - they would have to send you a bag of crisps then? - yes you're right, can't fill it in !!!


Nothing there!

link not working
Found 27th Mar 2008Found 27th Mar 2008
link not working
Step 1: Click the "NEWS ST STATION" button top right of their page. Step 2: Click the Red PostBox on the right of their page. Step 3: Fill in your details.

no not on here


sorry everyone thought it was still working


Yeah, I tried every which way and it doesn't work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


on this site ?


Same here TOOLULA, anyway i saw this deal somewhere else advertised yesterday. :x:x