Seagate 1TB Desktop 3.5" SSHD for £58.98 @ eBuyer

Seagate 1TB Desktop 3.5" SSHD for £58.98 @ eBuyer

Found 21st Jul 2014
Just bought one of these for my Xbox one external drive, seemed like a good deal.
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I have 2 of these in a NAS (2x 4TB RAID0) - I know they're not for NAS use but I was curious to see if their Flash cache helps such usage (e.g. common files accessed on server)

Make sure any partitions are 4kb aligned (or higher) - they take a big hit on non-aligned access (137MB/s vs. 212MB/s).
Older 3TB drives (also 4k with 512e emulation) did not take such a big hit.
Why not a WD blue or green which are cheaper? It's like £40 for the WD blue with 3 year warrenty.
its got a ssd and hdd in it thats why ..
nice price for a hybrid drive
Cold from people who don't require a hybrid drive, or don't understand the benefits
Hybrid drives are storage devices that combine NAND flash solid-state drive (SSD) with hard disk drive (HDD) technology, with the intent of adding some of the speed of SSDs to the cost-effective storage capacity of traditional HDDs. The purpose of the SSD in a hybrid drive is to act as a cache for the data stored on the HDD, by keeping copies of the most frequently used data on the SSD for improved overall performance.

I have one of these in my desktop for Steam, and games that I play regularly load significantly faster than off a plain spinning platter drive, and I have one in my server which significantly speeds up the virtual machines that run from it.

Heat, and I hope others read what it is before adding Cold.
Heat from me!

The noobs clearly know nothing about the performance gains of a hybrid over a conventional hard drive.

Do your homework... Twits
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