Seagate 250GB External Portable Hard-Drive USB Was £79.99 NOW £19.99 @ Sainsburys

Seagate 250GB External Portable Hard-Drive USB Was £79.99 NOW £19.99 @ Sainsburys

Found 4th Feb 2010Made hot 4th Feb 2010
Saw this deal on here a while back at £29.99 which got very hot. Went to my local Sainsburys store tonight (Shorehead) and found this brilliant deal. Was Originally £79.99 now £19.99!. Asked one of the staff how many they had left and they said they have 7 at that particular store. Not sure at all if this deal is nationwide though.

Wow didn't expect this to get hot this quickly =). Thought I'd post some more technical spec's about the hard-drive:

* Plug and play - no software to install
* 5400 RPM performance
* USB Powered

System Compatibility:
* Works with Windows Vista, Windows XP (Running it on Windows 7 right now)
* USB Port

Compatibility may vary depending on the user's hardware configuration and operating system.

* Seagate External Portable Drive
* Quick Start Guide
* USB 2.0 cable


which store please


I tried half of kent for one of these at 29.99, had no chance.

Hello, which Sainsburys was this at and is there a product code or something on the reciete.

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Sorry, this is at Huddersfield - Shorehead. Was it the Merchant code you were looking for, I can give you that off the reciept if you like.

The reciept just says: "*250GB PRTBLE HDRIVE - £19.99"

why do I never have a sainsburys near me when I want one.... grrrrr

i cant believe this being previously 79.99 any time recently, thats crazy haha, since amazon been selling ike 2TB for £120 or around that lol

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I know it's quite ridiculous but that is what it said on the ticket lol =P. Sainsburys and there crazy marketing scheme's

I would love one at that price - if anyone's able to get one will reimburse any expenses they incur. All the Sainsburys round Newcastle have no stock.


I tried half of kent for one of these at 29.99, had no chance.

I saw 3 of these at Hempstead Valley (GIllingham, Kent.) yesterday, if that's in the half of Kent that you missed
I'll race you to them tho! - I'll be back there tomorrow and grab one if they are now £19.99!

Good deal!

Hi. If you could go to sainsburys an buy me 2 then I'd gladly meet you off the m62 or m1 as I'm in castleford. Many thanks

Great price - though I imagine supply will be extremely limited.

Liar....none in Ipswich

why didn't you buy all 7?

Wierd... people were having trouble finding these at £29.99, now they have stock cheaper:?

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@ridget - Did think about it, but I hate being greedy.

I tried the big Sainsbury's in Middlesbrough centre last week for the £29 deal but they had none, tempted to have another look round at this price though, smoking if you can get one.

Just had one of the staff searching the very same sainsburys as the op posted at Huddersfield.Guess what after 20 minutes he couldn't find any on the shelfs or on his computer system.
If i had seen em i would have bought the lot.


@ridget - Did think about it, but I hate being greedy.

not greedy if you sold on here for cost+post,
now go back and get the



why didn't you buy all 7?


got one in grantham today for £19.99 - it was out of place on top shelf (by chanced asked price at till) - this will not be readily available - very lucky if you can get one (wouldnt waste your time now) - too bad for those who paid £29.99


Time to expire this perhaps?

I've seen these at this price too but didn't bother posting as it's just not worth the interrogation and allegations !




awesome if u can get one. always the same for me, no chance of getting one :x

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Why expired??


Maplin is selling the 500GB version for … Maplin is selling the 500GB version for £49.99.

that's a 3.5" drive which is [SIZE="7"]HUGE[/SIZE] compared to the one in this deal.

I apparently got last one from shorehead. There ended up being 4 of us trying to get one.

There are none in Rustington , west sussex.

Just purchased 3 of them from WatchMoor Park Sainsburys. Nice lady called Amanda had just stumbled across all three wheilst looking for something else. Too good a deal to let pass.


why didn't you buy all 7?

??? why would you buy all 7?
its still £20 a pop so false economy just to buy them cos theyre cheap.
unless you meant buy them to sell on?

My local Sainsbury's in Harlow had at least ten of them in the cupboard, They have changed the packaging since the last one that i bought earlier in the week, so its worth getting the staff to have a look around for them.

They didnt have any of the Seagates in the Sainsbury's in Gloucester, but they did have the 250gb Maxtor ones hidden away in a cupboard for £29.98, so I bought 2.

Adding heat because even at £29.98, this is still a good deal.

I went to Sainsburys again after my friend got one the day after I got the 'apparent last one'.

She found a box and there was the contents tucked away in the draw. I didn't get thr plastic insert or instructions but who needs those?

Just bought two at this price from Reading Calcot..Only the two on the shelf, not priced, still worth looking around if you're in a Sainsburys.

These are still around guys, i went into Sainsburys in Bridgewater yesterday as i was passing and managed to pick up the last £19.99 hard drive.They had about 4 of the Maxtor hard drives priced up at £59.99, i asked the chap to scan one and hey presto it came up at £29.98,but he said it must be a mistake and would have to check up on it, i told him not too bother i will just take the £19.99.So if someone wants the Maxtor try here as i do not think they will be around for long.

Das a joke man
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