Seagate 500gb external hdd £33.32 @ Sainsburys instore

Seagate 500gb external hdd £33.32 @ Sainsburys instore

LocalFound 30th Mar 2015
As title says a decent price for a 500gb hard drive
Can't find anywhere online cheaper
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Deleted previous comment due to alcohol. Long story short, price per gig is a bit (very) poor. Soz.…_FS

sorry but seems pretty poor deal when you can get twice the storage for little extra outlay and that's the same larger form factor.

For even smaller of an outlay you can get this deal…379

twice the storage for ~£5 more and it's a portable hard drive that you could actually stick in your pocket.

I'd be sure you could get the 1tb mark for £35 somewhere with a bit of looking so I'm afraid I have to vote cold.
My Tesco was selling 1TB for £40
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