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Seagate Stotrage Expansion Card 512GB NVME-SSD PCIE For XBoxX S/X £85.59 @ Amazon

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Fastest. Most Powerful - Instantly expand the capacity of Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S.
Room for Play - No sacrificing graphics, latency, load times or framerates — play Xbox Series X|S games from the internal SSD or the storage expansion card.
A Powerful Partnership - We created the Seagate Storage Expansion card in close partnership with Xbox to ensure when you plug this storage card into either the Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S, you’re getting all the speed and performance Xbox dreamed up for this next generation of console gaming.
Seamless Gameplay - Compatible with the Xbox Velocity Architecture — providing faster load times, richer environments, and more immersive gameplay.
No Wasted Seconds - Quick Resume enables players to seamlessly switch between multiple titles and resumes instantly from where you last left off
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    Pro tip1: do a full shutdown in the power menu before plugging this in otherwise you might get warnings about dirty contacts, reduced performance, etc.

    Pro-tip2: not all Series-optimised games require to be ran from the SSD, many will run just fine from USB storage. If you're not sure, move your game to USB storage and it will tell you if it needs to be on SSD to run. (edited)
    IIRC there is a way to get information on the games and tell from the code signing or some such detail which are which without the need of the lengthy trial and error routine.
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    Apparently end of the year seagate exclusivity is ending on this expansion drives so we should see more competition I’m waiting (edited)
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    4tb is £94 on same page
    This is atm the only expansion card you can play series s/x games from.
    The hdd you saw is a standard usb harddrive you can only store series s/x games on it you can however play xb1, 360 and xb games from it.
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    Just picked up, Amazon also seam to have a £7 off if you select collection from a hub. So it’s just cost me £78! (Not amazing for the size but better than they usually cost).
    How did you do this? I can only see delivery options.
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    You can get NVME Series S/X enclosures that you can put PC NVME drives into but I haven't looked to see whether it's now cheaper than an official drive. Might be something to look into as £85 for 500gb is ridiculous.
    Nvme ssd in enclosure will likely overheat as most enclosure don't have a fan and speed will likely be throttled. I made a nvme ssd stick and overheats easily
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    Need at least 1tb will wait till BF
    Genuinely thought this was 1tb & good price.

    Microsoft needs to stop scamming gamers.

    These consoles should come with 2TB internal storage as standard! (edited)
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    I remember paying about £80 for a switchable 8k memory expansion for my commodore vic20. Have some heat
  8. Avatar
    Now my Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War has its very own drive all to itself
    The size of that game is ridiculous.
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    £85 to store Warzone, ARK Survival and Forza. For that reason I went for a 5TB USB HDD for £55 and wait the extra 5 minutes to transfer a game every few weeks
    Only thing to consider is writing to your integrated Nvme will slow the device down over time, so constantly moving games back and forth isn't that great for SSDs
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  11. Avatar
    Thanks OP, bit at this price
    and me also added the 3 year protection for 3.79 extra
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    I don’t own a Xbox… but it’s a shame they took this route.
    Exactly. This is the PS VITA memory card reincarcerated.
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    Thanks, bit at this price, especially as the good ol’ 5 monthly payments came up for me so it’s like £17 a month. Cheers
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    So with Prime Day and BF to come, likely to see better discounts on all sizes?

    I have the 2tb one in my wishlist and it's down to £266 which seems to be lowest ever, but then I don't need it urgently
    I think prime day has passed. BF still to come though
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    I'm not snapping yet. There is no new games of any worth anyway.

    Most adventurous event on this console was bf2042 at 128 players on breakthrough and dice already bottled it.
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    Needs to be £50 Xbox storage is pricey
    Yeah, it fells like it should be the price of a normal 512GB NVME drive (about £40) plus a bit extra for the proprietary nature of the design (another £10-£15).
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    Good price. £124 ish in most other places.
  18. Avatar
    Need 1tb to come down or just allow any ssd
    Seagate was supposed to have rights to device for a year I think. Then 3rd party can start making them. But that hasn't happened. We should boycott all Seagate products for this until they drop price (edited)
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    Thanks - you lot holding off - you know you can just send it back if you don't open it right?
    Can't really see this dropping that much more at the moment?
    Maybe £10 at most , good price compared to the competitors
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    I've only just got my Series X and did want the 1TB but to be fair for the price (not that i can believe I'm using those words)
    Wait for black Friday.
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    It’s still to expensive, in my opinion should cost 75 msrp , but it’s a life improvement not a necessity you can live without use an external ssd storage like Samsung t7 sometimes it’s around 80-85£ for 1 tb
    Black Friday might see this at 200. And 99 on the 1tb.
  22. Avatar
    Added to my list, will check it out on black Friday
  23. Avatar
    The lowest the1TB version has been on Amazon is £164.99 so this would be roughly in line with that but still a rip off.
  24. Avatar
    cheers. been waiting for an xbox drive to drop in price.
  25. Avatar
    Hi, ordered thanks for posting OP
  26. Avatar
    Glad I read all the comments I’m holding off!!!!
    No RAM pack, blurgh! (sorry had to, saw your profile picture mr dilkington - one of our most valued customers!) (edited)
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    Seems to be OOS
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