Seagate Expansion 2 TB External Hard Drive, USB 2.0, 7200 RPM £77.21 @ Amazon

Seagate Expansion 2 TB External Hard Drive, USB 2.0, 7200 RPM £77.21 @ Amazon

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Product Features

* Plug-and-play - no software to install
* Simply drag-and-drop to save files
* 7,200-RPM performance, USB 2.0
* Built-in power management ensures energy efficient operation
* 2-year limited warranty

Technical Details

Specifications :
Model Number: ST320005EXD101-RK
Interface: USB 2.0
Capacity: 2 TB
Performance: 7200 RPM
Compatibility: Works with Windows Vista, Windows XP, or Mac OSX 10.4.8 or higher
Height (max): 39.79mm (1.57 inches)
Width (max): 125.91mm (4.96 inches)
Length (max): 207.08mm (8.15 inches)
Weight (typical): 1002grammes (2.25 pounds)
Shipping Weight: 1.40kilograms (3.086 pounds)


I have another Seagate drive that runs completely silently (not a 2.5in one) - I bought this one on the strength of the one, which has been good - however, this unit runs with a feint whirr/fan noise...granted its not loud and does power down when not in use, but as all my other gear is completely silent, this unit had to go as soon as I got it.

I think any mechanical device that spins will make some sort of audible noise, however i'm surprised with this one, because i thought the 2TB drives ran at 5400 rather than the more common 7200, so maybe it is a different tone that you are noticing, or, maybe it was unit specific, there have been some reports of issues with these on the seagate forums if i remember correctly, but not related to noise in the sense you describe



so make sure it was made after April 2010

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Personally, whilst i have the 1TB version of this drive, along with a 750GB freeagent pro, and a 320GB external drive from them (old now, grey one) ... i would not touch one of these, way too many problems.

I have always been a fan of Seagates, but they have been on a downhill spiral for a while, the only external drive i have of theirs that has not given me trouble has been the old 320GB one ... the 1TB one i had to load the management software to adjust it's sleep habits, the management software then started crashing my pc lol

the 750GB one i RMA'd only for the replacement to have the same problem, a problem i later traced myself with no help from them - the original freeagent pro's do not like hooking up to eSATA if the controller is SATA1 ... they are not fully backwards compatible, and the jumper to limit to SATA1 speeds and fix the problem is on the drive, so warranty void to fix the problem LOL

But, 6 internal Enterprise drives and never a problem over 6 years !!
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Thanks for the links. I have a 1.5 TB external drive that is starting to click. Problem is that I have to buy another drive to backup data before I can send it away.

I second the clicking sounds. I *almost* lost my 700GB collection of music that I spent countless hours ripping from the CD's. It was quite an almost traumatic event for me. Amazon sent a replacement only to have the same issue. It was clicking, and it was clicking hard. I didn't even try to use the second drive they sent me.

I decided to buy the 2TB Western Digital which is about £8 more and have been using it happily for almost a month now.

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