Seagate FireCuda 2TB SATA III 2.5" Hybrid Hard Drive - £89.99 @

Seagate FireCuda 2TB SATA III 2.5" Hybrid Hard Drive - £89.99 @

Found 26th Apr 2017
2TB Capacity

5400RPM Spin Speed

SATA III Interface

2.5" Form Factor

5 Year Warranty


Highly rated for PS4 / PS4 Pro use

(Ordered one for my PS4 Pro)

Best price I could currently find

Hope it may help someone
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is this any good for a laptop price wise etc??
Supposed to be much better than standard laptop hdd as it has a 8gb ssd sector for most regular accessed data.

Price was the lowest I've been able to find anywhere
Very good price. Great console hdd upgrade particularly ps4/ps4 pro.

is this any good for a laptop price wise etc??

It depends what you use your Laptop for, if you're an average user then it's just like getting an SSD as Windows will always be cached. However if you're filling it up then performance will vary..
Worth remembering these drives are weird about caching. Normally you get the most recently accessed data cached but these drives cache the most frequently accessed data across all time.

In the first case I could watch a movie off a HDD and when the next chunk of movie needs loading (they play more slowly than a drive can load them) it'd come out of cache, but opening photoshop for the first time in a week would hit the disk not cache.

In the second case it's the other way around, the next chunk of movie would hit the disk not cache but loading photoshop as I've done a hundred times before would be coming from cache. It's more useful to a desktop or console that does the same action time after time (boot up, load a particular program etc) than say a server which has no real pattern to its accesses.
Digital Foundry tests show this to be an excellent upgrade for a PS4 / Pro if you play the same game a number of times it will give speeds comparable to an SSD drive!
I've read if the same game is loaded around 5+ times, the load speed increase is enormous
They are great in ps4 and speed it noticeably different
Mine arrived today, now installed in my ps4 pro, re - downloaded all my games, and starting with new game saves, looking forward to monitoring speeds over the coming weeks
Great drive, price gone back up now at Box, but still on Amazon for £88.82 . I have an older 1TB hybrid on an i7 running VMWARE with various VMs. Caching in the 8GB NAND is useful of much faster reboots. Seagate offers 5 years warranty on this so I would say this £89 is a cheap price with NAND cache (worth £10-£15) plus 5 years warranty (worth £10).
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