SEAGATE Freeagent Go Portable 2.5" HDD 500GB only £89.99 + free collection @ PCWORLD

SEAGATE Freeagent Go Portable 2.5" HDD 500GB only £89.99 + free collection @ PCWORLD

Found 9th Apr 2009
Equivalent to 18p/GB

This is the cheapest I have found on the net.

Next cheapest :
Amazon - £94.99
PixMania - £89.50 + £5.30 p&p

* USB 2.0: up to 480 Mb/s
* Rotational Speed: 5400 RPM

Product Dimensions
* 0.49" in H x 3.15" in W x 5.12" in L
(12.5mm x 80mm x 130mm)
* Weight: 5.64 oz (0.16 kg)

* Windows XP/Vista
* USB Port


You should point out that it's a portable USB HDD not a desktop drive, as that's probably the reason for the cold votes.

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Oh right, yeh thanks mate!

Bloody good deal if u ask me!

I'd recommend the following portable 500GB USB drive for 84 quid:…8-2

The casing is durable and the cable neatly wraps around it plus it's a standard mini-USB cable if using a different one.


Cracking little portable drives these - I use mine together with my Western Digital HDTV Media Player and the difference between having a portable and 3.5" external (with power supply) is night and day - just plug and play in both HDTV and the PC plus it is tiny and looks the part as well as being pretty fast.

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I'm going to buy pick mine up on Monday when i have the chance.

Great reviews, and comes with an amazing 5 year warranty!

I was either going to get this or the WD Passport, but this one seems a lot slimmer and has a metallic finish similar to the WD Passport Elite.

Could anyone recommend a good 2.5" external hard drive case? I saw a nice Case Logic neoprene one at Tesco. Just want one that looks nice and will protect the hard drive from getting damaged in my bag!

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