SEAGATE Game Drive for PlayStation - 1 TB at PCWorld for £59.99

SEAGATE Game Drive for PlayStation - 1 TB at PCWorld for £59.99

Found 29th Jul 2017
Top features:

- Upgrade your PlayStation capacity and performance

- SSHD provides the best of both solid state drive and hard drive technology

- NAND flash storage provides faster startup and game boot time

Upgrade your PlayStation

Enhance your gaming experience by upgrading your PlayStation's capacity and performance. This 1 TB Game Drive lets you store over 25 games so you won't face the frustration of low memory.


This Game Drive combines NAND flash storage with a hard drive so you can enjoy SSD-like performance with the capacity of an HDD.

NAND flash storage

NAND flash storage and Seagate Adaptive Memory helps to reduce console startup and game boot times so there's less waiting around.

Easy to install

Simply follow Sony's instructions for installing the Game Drive on your PS3 or PS4 without voiding your warranty. It's easy to replace the factory drive and copy over your games.
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£60 for a 1TB doesn't sound great.

£60 for a 1TB doesn't sound great.

I had a look at some 1TB SSHDs today as I'm interested in getting one, generally, £60 seems to be the standard price for a 1TB SSHD. Though there are some that are cheaper by a few quid, such as the 1TB Seagate ST1000LX015 which is £57.99 on Amazon.
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Its a Seagate
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