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Posted 12 December 2022

Seagate Game Drive Hub, 8TB, External Hard Drive Desktop, USB 3.2 Gen 1, Dual USB-C and USB-A ports +RGB LED lighting £139.99 @ Amazon

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  • LIGHT IT UP Create an epic gaming atmosphere with RGB LED lighting
  • XBOX-CERTIFIED Compatible with Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and all generations of Xbox One. Play prior generation 5 games from the HDD and STORE current gen games in your library to the HDD
  • HIGH CAPACITY 8 TB of capacity builds the ultimate Game Vault without sacrificing titles
  • DUAL FRONT-FACING PORTS Connect and power your peripherals with front-facing USB-C and USB-A ports
  • WARRANTY Enjoy peace of mind with the included 3-year Rescue Data Recovery Services and 1-year limited warranty
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    Important to make it clear: you cannot play Series X | S games directly from this Hard Drive. Series X | S games only run from the high speed drive built in, or the add on high speed drive. This is for storing games as back up which you can then transfer over to your high speed drive to play on back and forth to manage your hard drive space. Older, pre Series X | S games can be played directly from this drive.
    great info thanks, might have to see if theres a list out there that state which older ones can be played off the drive
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    Very bad £/TB. £17.49 per TB.
    It actually depends what drive is inside
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    Guess can not work with Xbox series s?
    It'll work as storage only...
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    • LIGHT IT UP Create an epic gaming atmosphere with RGB LED lighting

    Where is the RGB lighting? I can only see G
    'I can only see G'

    In that case R and B would be wasted on you!
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    lol fool me, so it is portable as it is very big ie 3.5inch so it relies on spinning and can break easily if it is nudge or drop when it is on, but it does not use main power and it is usb c connection, cool but i skipped these
    it has a power adapter so uses mains power. USB C connection is to charge other devices (controllers)
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    Didn't plan on buying this but constantly deleting games from the internal series x hard drive due to space and looks like a great price.
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    Ahhhh just noticed its not SSD so wont run series x games from only store them.
    Transferring games from storage is usually faster than downloading from scratch.
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    Seems cheapest so voted hot but dont let the RRP fool you...
    This is too small for my use, I have a non lighting 14TB and its near full and cost 170.

    Looking at history 8TB range from 100 - 130ish:

    So in comparison not as great £/TB.

    However it does look cool and its cheapest for this model. If size and £/TB is not an issue then decent buy
    14TB link?
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    Heat added - seems a good £/TB price point!
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    Hmm this vs the more pocket sized 5TB HDDs for ~£99
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    Does this need a separate power supply?
    What’s Included
    Game Drive Hub for Xbox, USB 3.0 cable, Power adapter, Rescue Data Recovery Services, Quick start guide

    So I'd say yes.
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    any good for ps5?
    Get ssd for ps5 with heatsink and minimum 5000mbps speeds
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    Remember. Its only hdd
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    What are the read/write speeds?
    5400 RPM
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    unfortunately i don't live in the Himalayas so i think i will just uninstall and redownload if needed. No idea who needs 8tb of regular HDD storage.
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    This may not be worth it for most people.

    I have a white 2.5" western digital 4tb command stripped on the top of my Series S beside the fan grill that I got from the repeated sales on these drives. I don't know why but I think it just looks really neat and keeps the footprint small. That's completely irrelevant, just mentioning it in case someone else wants to do the same, the problem is the transfer speeds from HDD.

    It's actually not really much faster at all for me to swap out a game from HDD than it is to just download it again from MS servers. I should've done the math on transfer speeds before I pulled the trigger, but HDD transfers max out at around 700 MB/s and fluctuate a bit between 500-700. Downloading is about 500 for me from MS.

    What makes it pointless a lot of the time is that if it's a game on the HDD it's probably one you haven't played for a while, so could well need an update. So you have to transfer it back from HDD to find out it needs an update, then download and apply the update from MS servers anyway, when it could well have been faster just to download the latest version from the get go.

    If you're rural or on a slower connection I can absolutely see the benefit, other than that it's worth figuring out if it will really help.

    This will be better on a USB SSD, but then you're paying a lot more.