Seagate IronWolf 8TB HDD £217.42 - Amazon

Seagate IronWolf 8TB HDD £217.42 - Amazon

£217.42Amazon Deals
Found 19th Sep 2017
No doubt this will start a complete war of "seagate sucks and no one should ever buy it" conversion but for 8TB it's a good price.

Looking at backblaze data it seems to have a failure rate not much more than anything else they run. Can get it on the ebuyer at the same price and on the amazon marketplace for £202. This is more suitable for a 24/7 situation compared the alot of the cheaper external hard drives I see posted here, so take it whatever way you want.

Waiting for first comment "voted cold because seagate"

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Had one of these a couple of weeks back but sent it back due to heat and noise issues - the case became so hot after an hour that I could barely touch it. I was using it externally and would hate to think what would happen if i'd installed it in the case.
Here's a review , they seemed to like it ...
This is actually a good deal for 8TB, for the size and price it is a good deal!
I have found Seagate are much better now, yes they had issues with there 3-4tb range, but i think they are now on form.
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