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Posted 26 August 2022

Seagate IronWolf 8TB NAS Internal 3.5" HDD, 7200 RPM, 3 Years Data Recovery - £159.99 @ Amazon

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

  • With agilearray-firmware for RAID optimization and 24/7 deployment
  • Rotation vibration sensors on higher capacity drives to reduce vibration in multi-bay applications
  • Ironwolf Health Management is integrated into compatible wet operating systems that monitor the status
  • 180TB/year workload for busy multi-user environments, allowing users to transfer more data from the hard drive and NAS
  • Enjoy long-term peace of mind with the included two-year limited warranty and two-yr Rescue Data Recovery Services


Cheapest price prior to this was £170.99 on Prime Day.
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  1. Avatar
    £20/TB how is that a good deal?
    These are drives optimized for running 24/7 with better MTBF/AFR numbers than the shucked WD you propose. You might not care about your data; I for one don't copy anything I even slightly care about to a spinner drive unless it's in a mirror.
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    Very good price. Trouble is I need to buy two for my NAS. Don't think the wife will let me spend £320 on drives.
    Start with 1, and replicate what’s important to OneDrive for £5.99 a month.
  3. Avatar
    Bought 3 of these back in January for my Asustor for £181 each so this is a great price.
    Wouldn't trust the Barclays interest free over 3 months though, got declined with a perfect credit score in the past so only go with Amazon 0% payments when offered which they are offering over 5 months in this case. (edited)
  4. Avatar
    Can this be used in a normal PC or is just for NAS drives
    Sure can, but you can get the same capacity drive for less usually if you buy the desktop model.
  5. Avatar
    Are these good for CCTV nvrs?
    CCTV drives are tweaked for continuous writes. This will work, but might not last as long.
  6. Avatar
    Only 3 year warranty. what a joke.
  7. Avatar
    How do install this ?🙏
    Bit of a vague question… install it into what?
  8. Avatar
    Just ordered a 4tb version with Amazon £5 off currently on selected accounts works out 72.99

    I am going to install it in my desktop in addition to 1tb ssd wich is. Now full. Can I still use the NAS feature in that scenario? How do I connect it to the network?
    The drive itself is not a self-contained NAS device (if thats what you're thinking) - its a normal bare-bones HDD which has got some additional features to protect it from rotational vibration which can occur when installed in a multi-drive NAS system which are typically running (potentially heavy-duty operations) 24/7.

    Pick The Right Drive For The Job — 24/7 NAS HDDs vs. Desktop HDDs - StorageReview.com (edited)
  9. Avatar
    Good price Tom!
  10. Avatar
    That is a hot price and the fact you can spread the cost over three months interest free is brilliant
  11. Avatar
    Great Price , I've been waiting for this to come down .. was looking at the 4TB drive (£87.99) and 3X Raid 5 ... but now might go for a 8TB (£159.99) 3x raid ... bit more money but cheaper £/TB ... One question .. does any one know how noisy the 8tb drives are .. I heard the larget they get the louder they get ? .. thanks
    I have my nas in the kitchen cupboard, 3 x 8tb and you hear them rumble quite often even when doing nothing.
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    I've got these for my NAS, can't say I have a lot to compare to but I find them incredibly loud compared to drives that have sat in my PC before - clunking away which you can hear from other rooms.
  13. Avatar
    Thanks OP. Use these extensively in my UNRAID server, guess it’s time to add another

    For context I recently bought one of these secondhand from CEX for £125, so the added £35 for brand new makes them a bargain.