Seagate Solid State Hybrid Drive 1TB PS3 / Ps4 compatible was £92, now £69.99 Amazon

Seagate Solid State Hybrid Drive 1TB PS3 / Ps4 compatible was £92, now £69.99 Amazon

Found 25th Dec 2013
Pretty interesting, seems to give a good speed boost when loading levels, etc, and is the correct spec to be used well in the Ps4.
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Nice... I might get this with my Christmas money.... I'll have to get another £70 1st though. Heheh... It hohoho even!
Best drive for ps4
No great excitement; sub-£70 is about the typical competitive norm. Same price at Dabs but with potentially quicker delivery for customers of either vendor without existing preferential shipping arrangements…tml
I had a desktop version of this drive and it worked well.
Was £76 previously. Have this in my wish list.
Hopefully be bought today dependant on what vouchers I get from Santa

Heat added.
Very good deal, especially if you're about to get a PS4 and will install it before first boot. I paid £90 for this at the PS4 launch and while it's no pure SSD, I'm very happy with the boot times and extra space.
The speed increase naturally becomes more noticeable over time, as things get cached. When I first installed it, everything was actually a lot slower than the stock drive. Now though, even the splash pages for games load instantly, as opposed to the small delay I had beforehand.

Excellent drive, and its also a lot quieter than the stock drive (which sounded like a keyboard hoover on mine). It's even quieter than my WD Blue 2.5" drive, which is usually almost silent. Something I'd never thought I'd see Seagate achieve!

A steal at 70 squiddle.
Be aware, this is a 5400 rpm drive, and despite the fact that it has twice as much NAND flash as the previous generation 7200 rpm Momentus XT, the latter is actually faster in most cases, as is WD's purely mechanical Scorpio Black:…wed

However, the newer model is also cheaper per GB, as the 1 TB 5400 rpm SSHD and the previous generation 750 GB 7200 rpm Momentus XT sell for about the same price.
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£62 with flubit
Nice... Was torn between this and a 2TB Seagate one for my future PS4. Might just have to see what Flubit can do for me and stick this in my PS3 for the time being!
Thanks. Was looking to upgrade my ps3
Unfortunately I just think 1Gb isn't enough for ps4 in the longer term. Ideally I want a 3tb drive but Such a drive is like gold dust. Unless someone knows the direction I need to be looking.
1.5 TB is where 9.5mm tall, 2.5" diameter notebook drives top out at the moment I'm afraid.…500

These cost about £100 a piece.

You can get 2-4 TB drives but they're the 3.5" desktop form factor.
There's the SpinPoint M9T from Samsung's former hard drive division (now owned by Seagate) that was announced very recently; that one crams up to 2 TB in the 2.5in 9.5mm form factor that the PlayStation 4 accepts, but it isn't yet available in the channel as an internal drive. Apparently it's available in external drives (Samsung Slimline M3 and Samsung P3 Portable), but apparently they don't use the standard SATA connector inside the enclosure:…JYI…621
If you're not a fan of Seagate, Ebuyer do a Toshiba equivalent for £75.40.

£62 with flubit

£65.79 for me
i saw this @ currys same price
Got one of these a few weeks before Xmas ready for the ps4. Not sure if it'll give a massive benefit due to the limited NAND, especially during installs, but worth a go
Now back in stock at Amazon

I ordered through flubit and got it for £61.72, bargain!
This is now £82.02
£68.95 now
Anyway i can transfer all ps3 data to this new hard drive without having access to another ps3?
Googled and googled but can't find a proper answer without having 2 ps3's, i really don't want to download all ps+, demos and that again, since there is one option to move only important files like save data on yhe same ps3 eith external device
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