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Posted 17 May 2024

Seagate Storage Expansion Card 1TB SSD NVMe Xbox Series X/S - Free Click & Collect

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Instantly expand the capacity of the most powerful gaming experience Xbox has ever created with the Seagate Storage Expansion Card for Xbox Series X/S. Effortlessly compatible with the Xbox Velocity Architecture, experience the fastest load times and most dynamic worlds with improved performance optimized for Xbox Series X games spanning every Xbox generation. Play at home or take it to a friend's house; peak performance is now at your fingertips.

  • Built-in partnership with Xbox to seamlessly match the full power of both the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.
  • Storage space 1TB: GB.
  • Size H13.9, W7.6, L5cm.
  • Yes.
  • Manufacturer's 2 year guarantee.
  • EAN: 8719706023757.
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  1. No_Data's avatar
    Do yourself a favour, sell that garbage S or X and get PS5. You can get faster storage with twice the capacity at a cheaper price than this.
    Jinkz's avatar
    The PS5 games lineup is dire, nothing this year and a few next year. (edited)
  2. consolegamer's avatar
    Good deal, but I’m not sure about further investing in a console that could be discontinued soon.
    UKScottDeals's avatar
    This is an unfounded rumour that has been debunked. Discontinued also only would mean a certain product would stop being produced, not stop of support/releases. (edited)
  3. scottrawlinson's avatar
    Needs to be under £100 it's way overpriced for what it is. It was always a bad move by Microsoft to go with a prapriatory port. Playstation got it right making it easy to add 2Tb drives in there consoles. It just leaves a sour taste in the mouth and i believe hurts the brand rather than building it up. (edited)
    MasterAK's avatar
    The storage situation sucks, but I can live with it given I bought 3 years of gamepass ultimate for cheaper than 1 PS5 game
  4. drewbles82's avatar
    All this console war rubbish on which is better etc...is for kids...didn't know we had so many kids with accounts on this site.
    jansen.lebow's avatar
    I know it's too bs. If you don't like a console nobody is forcing you to play or buy it. I'll always be loyal to Xbox simply as all my achievements and time over the years has gone into my account there. But everyone seems to have a fit over any change or step Microsoft or Sony takes (edited)
  5. SVRich's avatar
    I have both an S and an X, can you use this to swap between consoles to avoid downloading games twice?
    gavin1's avatar
  6. DealHunterChaos's avatar
    Great deal for 1TB on the XBSX.

    Only about 50% more than the price of a faster card on the PS5.

    I have both consoles and get my games on PS5 as I got the extra storage much cheaper for the PS5.

    XBox annoyed a lot of people with the rip off on storage prices.
    cloysterpete's avatar
    Last year I bought a 2tb super speedy ssd for my PS5 for £84, this is a measly 1tb of old pcie3 storage for £130 so yeah still not buying it. Now I don’t expect a hot swappable drive in custom horsing to ever reach price parity with regular 2280 drives, but they should at least have 2tb available for this £130 price point.
  7. Hoara's avatar
    My advice is stay the beep away from seagate, 100% avoid, when this breaks and it will, they will take you to the cleaners to sort it even if its under warranty.
    rapid111111's avatar
    How so?
  8. Arran_Browitt's avatar
    There's not enough games to fill it
  9. nickroll's avatar
    Got 2TB for £80 on PS5 nearly a year ago. This pricing is madness. (edited)
    nosherfj's avatar
    But 129 for 1tb× keep original 1tb makes 2tb for 129 and saves 2 secs agree u saved 49
  10. lucyferror's avatar
    I know it's a good price but still a DAYLIGHT ROBBERY for just 1TB :/
    MartyNUFC's avatar
    Yeah so true sadly
  11. iRomek's avatar
    This price is better... but at this point the 2TB version should be this price. Also where is the 4TB version?????!???? I mean the games keep getting bigger so the storage should get better as well. Maybe a "hub/raid" add-on would solve this issue, so I can connect 3 or 4 1TB ext cards together. I just don't get why the console companies (both Sony and Microsoft) can't figure out that we need more local storage!!!!!!
  12. Pezza4's avatar
    Anyone ever look at a glance and think this comes with a dominos garlic and herb dip?
  13. darkstryder360's avatar
    Put this off for a long time, but bought one of these recently.

    With the cataclysmic wave of content from Game Pass it just makes sense.

    Also, you should get a free Forza Motorsport 8 DLC code.
  14. superstarbj1's avatar
    I got the sea gate 5tb storage ( PlayStation branded ) but woks on anything for £132.99 off Amazon only a month ago-

    52767525_1.jpg (edited)
    MartyNUFC's avatar
    These HDD's can only be used for Xbox 360 and Xbox One games, this Seagate card will store anything including Xbox Series X/S games
  15. igrift's avatar
    Could but the Xbox series S refurb for £150, 20 quid more, deal was posted recently. Yeah it's only 512gb, but you could play less resource intensive games on that and have something easier to travel with, oh and another controller.

    Don't buy this memory card. It doesn't sell well, Xbox will change course for future consoles.
    thebaldconvict's avatar
    So what are you saying?

    If you have a Series X that you should spend £20 more on a Series S and have only an extra 350GB(ish) extra room


    If you have a Series S that you should spend £20 more on a Series S and have only an extra 350GB(ish) extra room


    If you have nothing that you should spend £20 more on a Series S and have a console
  16. cloysterpete's avatar
    I’m thinking of getting a cheap 2tb portable to store games on, I’ve currently got two old 500gb drives attached to my Series X but I’m still always messing about freeing up space.
    horatioh's avatar
    I got a Crucial 2TB SSD for pretty much half this price and it's plenty quick enough!
  17. Sercombe's avatar
    Bought this 2-3 years back, yes expensive but it’s a great option to seamlessly extend storage.
  18. nosherfj's avatar
    Got a WD 5TB FOR 89 3 years ago served me well. I play Limited games so 1tb on xsx is fine.when this price drops to 80 I'll go balls deep
  19. Daniel_Wolstenholme's avatar
    Picked up today, also have a 2TB Seagate mechanical drive for 360 and Xbox one games but will be nice have the extra space for games like halo and Forza games that I like to dip into every now and again
  20. AdamSharpe's avatar
    Only paid 130 for S
    italkapple's avatar
    And now pay £130 for storage
  21. iby2012's avatar
    Need to mass email Phil and get him to fix this shit. 3.5 years later and the pricing is still terrible.

    philsp@Microsoft.com (edited)
  22. DealHunterChaos's avatar
    Right!!! We can all stop complaining and get this WD 1TB card for £110.

's avatar