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Posted 5 October 2022

Seagate Storage Expansion Card for Xbox Series X|S 1TB Solid State Drive - NVMe Expansion SSD for Xbox Series £179 @ Amazon

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Seagate Storage Expansion Card for Xbox Series X|S 1TB Solid State Drive - NVMe Expansion SSD for Xbox Series X|S(STJR1000400), Grey
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    I paid £86ish at the MS store in April by using a combination of Microsoft reward points and two £50 MS vouchers from CDKEYS.
    Cool story
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    My recommendation to everyone is get a 1TB SSD off amazon with a caddy for about 65 to 70 pounds. Whack all your spare X/S games on there. When it comes to swapping games over to the internal drive (as they'll need to be on there to play) they'll copy over incredibly fast, far quicker than my 1Gb Internet for example. Very small inconvenience for a big money save.

    Once Seagates exclusively ends soon, we should see third party drives hopefully much cheaper.
    Price of caddies seems to have gone up though.
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    I picked up the 1TB back in July, when it was £156. Its definitely way overpriced but its also usefull to have.

    You simply have to weigh the pros and cons as to whether its worth it to you. In the case of myself, and many others, it obviously is.
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    I got a brand new one (and 3 months gamepass) off fbook marketplace for £80. Every time I see prices like this, I feel smug.
    Unless you're desparate, keep swapping games between internal and an external drive. These prices are ridiculous for 1TB storage. Seagate have a monopoly at the moment.
    You can still find some on there. Here's one for £50 of anyone in Preston and one for £90 in Shrewsbury.
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    Still massively overpriced for how much space you get. I bought a 2TB NVME drive for my PS5 for this price. It sucks that Seagate is the only one making these cards, they have no competition so they can charge whatever they want
    Seagate has and exclusivty contract with Microsoft for a period nobody knows what that period is as they never specified it, most likely it's enforced through a patent and until that contrant ends we won't see any competition for Xbox series storage expansion. I wouldn't be surprised if it contract lasted 3 or even 5 years. (edited)
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    how are people using all the space up, you putting your entire collection on or something? I've over 200GB free on my internal. X1, 360, OG shoved on a regular external drive for like £40. I got a few regular play games on the internal and then a few I'm finishing via Gamepass which I aim to finish, rather than leaving and adding more....could not imagine spending that much money on storage which its not that time consuming to store on an external & just move it. £50 more and you can get a brand new console (edited)
    It depends what games you play.
    Elder Scrolls online 150gb
    Flight simulator 150gb ish
    Red dead redemption 2 100gb
    Call of duty games are around 250gb
    Gears 5 is also very big and Forza 5 too
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    Still too expensive
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    Should be 2TB at this price, and that would be to exspensive really.
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    Bought the 500GB for £80 but gonna wait until the 2TB is sub £200 now... So basically never
  10. Avatar
    £120 ish and i’ll bite
    I’ve just upgraded, you can have mine for £120 if you like ha 
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    Honestly at this price it's probably cheaper to upgrade to gigabit internet and just keep deleting end redownloading games
    As long as the xbox server side plays ball. Speaking from experience with a gigabit connection.
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    Nearly back down the £164.99 we saw in July...
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    £180 for a 1TB ssd?? Wow! I paid £100 for my PS5 one.
    Apples to oranges comparison.

    You had to take your PS5 apart to fit your SSD. This Xbox SSD is plug & play, much like an old style memory card, meaning it's easy to use, hot-swappable, and portable between consoles.
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    I could get this for nothing with my Reward Points but I’m not using so many points up on such a ludicrously priced product, I’ll make do with my 802gb internal and my two old sata 500gb ssd I have attached, that will have to suffice.

    Last ssd I bought was a Crucial P5 Plus 1tb for £85, so I’m not paying more than £100 for storage ever again. 
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    The rumors are that a new revision of the series S will be here before summer 2023 with 1/2 tb ssd, plus seagates exclusuve memory card deal also rumored to end in 2023, hence why of late they are now dropping across the board in price to get rid of them before third party ones appear. (edited)
    Source? No point posting about rumours otherwise.
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    Should really be less than £100 by now.
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    Can drop it by an extra £15 off make secondary account take free prime membership for 30 days then get £15 free credit for backing up your photos after you joined prime might take a day or so for the offer to work

    done this for

    Call of duty
    Gotham knights
    Persona 5 royal

    waiting for next account then gonna get £15 off

    The callisto protocol