Sealey Combination Toolkit (with tools/cabinet/box) £171.70 Delivered!

Sealey Combination Toolkit (with tools/cabinet/box) £171.70 Delivered!

Found 25th Sep 2008
Sealey AP2200COMBO8 Combination Toolkit including:

AP2200 Topchest & Rollcab Combination 6 Drawer - Red: List £279.00
S0433 Needle Nose Pliers Set 3pc 275mm: List £21.09
S0447 Pliers Set 3pc: List £9.34
S0448 Adjustable Wrench Set 3pc 150, 200 & 250mm: List £11.69
S0465 Hex Key Set 25pc: List £6.40
S0473 Power Tool/Security Bit Set 100pc: List £14.04
S0480 Stainless Steel Multifunction Tool Set: List £17.57
S0481 Hacksaw 300mm: List £4.05
S0489 Magnetic Collector 150mm: List £8.17
S0527 Junior Hacksaw with Spare Blade: List £2.29
S0562 Combination Wrench Set 11pc Metric: List £26.97
S0598 Softgrip Screwdriver & Bit Set 23pc: List £19.92
S0711 Socket Set 52pc 1/4" & 1/2"Sq Drive Metric/Imperial: List £93.94
ML24WP Inspection Lamp 24W/12V: List £28.14

Details HERE:…319

Just ordered mine, HURRY OFFER ENDS 30/09/2008!
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£164.75 inc VAT
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This is by no means "Snap-On" quality but some of the tools are good stuff (socket set etc..) and come with a lifetime gurentee (loads of local stockists)
Great for someone starting out as the tool chest and box is worth the best part of £200 and the smaller tools can be replaced if they arnt as good.

All those prices are way over the top.
would say the £171.70 is what its worth , like you say , tools are not high quality
Hmph... i couldnt find this many tools for less than this price or the same kit for cheaper (even on ebay and sealey's site)
The tools are stated as "not snap-on quality" and the price is very very good for the stuff you get and the chest etc..
I think your cold vote is abit harsh
A similar roller cabinet is £69 at Argos, i doubt the tools in that set are worth £100…htm
The cheapest I can find the cabinets (around £95inc vat) and the socket set (£55inc vat) for is £150 so for the extra £15 seems a good deal to me. Not the best quality but good for a start.
good price for a home mechanic etc starter kit :thumbsup:

i doubt the tools in that set are worth £100

I dunno it retails at that everywhere for the socket set alone
personnally after going through so many tool sets i've lost count I finally bought some Halfords professional and only managed to break 1 extension bar.... which was replaced instantly no questions asked!!

I think spending £180 on some good quality tools would be a better idea...... plus you'll only have to buy a tool box cos you wont fill a cabinate:p
I have a Halfrauds professional 150 kit, superb quality.......

This is not bad and Sealey are decent quality not some budget make, its a fair amount of kit for the money...
Way over priced - you are probably paying loads for delivery.
Or get it from ]here and get them to pricematch 110% of the difference.
DEFINITELY expensive!!
The sort of thing that wifey (knowing no better) would buy for her up & coming husband/diy enthusiast that years later will be covered in rust through non-use.

Looks very unstable (top heavy).


If you are serious about doing car mechanics then get a serious set of tools INDIVIDUALLY!!

Unless you can afford Snap-on Etc.
tesco do the cabinet only with ball bearing draws (better quality) for £83 delivered, search for DRAPER on tesco direct
anyone actually ordered it from either of the 2 places?

if so what is it actually like? i want a set that i can put into the back of the van and take racing so i can repair my quad, so this to me seems ideal and i can add as i go.

whats the warranty like with sealey? is it lifetime guarantee?…BO7

Just about to place an order for these here. I have ordered from them before.
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