Sean Penn Collection (Casualties of War; Assassination of Richard Nixon; State of Grace; At Close Range; Colors) ( DVD ) £4.99 @ BTR Direct

Sean Penn Collection (Casualties of War; Assassination of Richard Nixon; State of Grace; At Close Range; Colors) ( DVD ) £4.99 @ BTR Direct

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Frequently cited as 'among the most fiercely talented actors of his generation' (New York Times), Academy Award-winning actor Sean Penn remains an enigma. He has reinvented himself since his success in the early 1980s with the cult FAST TIMES AT RIDGEMONT HIGH, becoming an almost unparalleled melding of character actor and grizzled star performer. This collection features five films in which Sean Penn's gives some of his most powerful performances. AT CLOSE RANGE is a drama about the intense relationship between a young man and his long-lost father, a small-time hood and leader of a rural crime ring. Their stormy reunion culminates in disillusion, violence and murder. COLORS sees Sean Penn stars alongside Robert Duvall in a film about Los Angeles street gangs. Penn plays a rookie cop partnered with a veteran cop played by Duvall on the LAPD's gang-suppression unit and the film focuses on their differing approaches to trying to halt gang related violence. In CASUALTIES OF WAR, Sean Penn plays an American soldier in Vietnam who involves the four men of his patrol in the kidnapping of a young Vietnamese woman. This brutal, thoughtful war film details the divisions caused within the patrol by the incident. In the organised crime drama STATE OF GRACE, Sean Penn plays Terry Noonan who returns to New York's Hell's Kitchen after twelve years away. Terry joins a gang run by one of his childhood friends and gets back together with his former love. But as the cops crack down on the crime ring, it becomes clear that Terry's loyalties are dangerously divided. Sean Penn gives yet another remarkable performance as troubled soul Sam Bicke in Niels Mueller's debut feature film, THE ASSASSINATION OF RICHARD NIXON. Based on true events, it details Bicke's growing rage which leads him to attempt to assassinate Richard Nixon, whom he blames for all of society's ills.


1 pound per film ?? BARGAIN !

State of Grace is an awesome film. Seriously underrated. Gary Oldman plays the role of his life in it.

Comes up as 34.99 on the site...
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