seat minor service £129

seat minor service £129

Found 3rd Dec 2011
seat minor service inc roadside assistance £ or and click on services..some good deals for cars between 3-10yrs old.…tml
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As a family we own two Seats and both were serviced via this dealer from new until last year. On the first year service they identified a fault on the Ibiza so we booked it in to be repaired and arranged the time off work. At the time they identified the fault they assured us it was covered by the warranty and there would be no cost. About 4pm the day before the job was booked in they rang and informed us that the work would not be covered by the warranty but they could quote us a price for the work. Took it to another reputable VW specialist and had the work carried out at considerably less than they quoted. The workshop manager there questioned why I hadn’t taken it to a Seat dealer and had it repaired on the warranty as it was clearly a warranty job!

IMO sharks and they will never get another penny of my money – Rant over (_;)
Hot Deal.
Having bought a Seat from a main dealer in a "drive away deal", which only did a cheap and basic 10k service instead of the major 60k service it required, then having one of the coils (which SHOULD have been replaced in a 60k service) fail leading to a breakdown and being stranded, then being quoted £647 for a timing belt kit, which an independant could do for under £200, I would avoid official Seat "Steelers" and their "service" like the plague.
Many independants can do a full service for the £100 mark.

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Dont buy this, it is very dodgy company, as I have a very bad experience with maintenance contract with them. Voted cold for everything....
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