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SEAT LEON HATCHBACK 2.0 TSI CUPRA 300 5DR DSG 8000 MILES 24 MONTH. £289 DEPOSIT. £289 A MONTH £179 admin fee £7115 PCH @ Seat Warrington
Found 17th Apr 2018Found 17th Apr 2018
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Yep still available but now del dec jan,Carwow sent me a price on one of these brand new £24500 from seat Liverpool so tempted


Anyone know if this deal is still available?


I put the manual version of this up 3 months ago and got 11degree heat LMAO. I guess everyone's into the DSG version. Regardless best added!


You make a fair point. As I said I have a mixed opinion of the Seat brand in my opinion it is most definitely not of the same quality as VW or Audi probably closer to Skoda. Quality of bodywork and paint on both cars is not overly great and as I said the rattles.. Both cars drive very well and handle very differently the Cupra exhaust note with DSG is great.. Put the down and it drops a gear with a bang and pop out the exhaust, the Cupras handling is also top class.


great deal. I ordered the 300 ST version from last deal on here in feb, got local dealer to price match, will be delivered for Sept 10k pa, manual version @ £285 per month for 2 years. At the time DSG version was an additional £70 per month which was why I went manual.

Free 4-day test drive SEAT
Found 7th Apr 2018Found 7th Apr 2018
Booking your 4-day test drive is easy. Simply fill out your details below and a SEAT Fleet representative will contact you. You can also call 0800 464 0405 You'll be asked for: Y… Read more

Dave McCernerny.....oh sorry that’s 3 different people


I have had 3 different cars for 2 or more days. If you work for a big company, chances are they already do the fleet cars for them. So just tell them you are interested in changing company car and you'd like a test drive. For me they only ask for company name and address (for insurance purposes) and that was all. Didn't have to pay anything else and did not get hounded afterwards.


Try using Phil McCavity.


What about "dickie puller"?


Anyone who is successful in getting the 4 day test drive please let us know on here. In my experience all these long test drive offers never happen with the dealers never willing to give up a car for so long. You'll just end up with a long chat and the usual drive up and down the road. See the comments on my previous post about a BMW 24 hour test drive. I've also had the same bad experience with Lexus.

SEAT TOLEDO 1.0 TSI 110 Xcellence 5dr £13,500 @ Bartletts St Leonards-on-Sea
LocalLocalFound 19th Feb 2018Found 19th Feb 2018
SEAT TOLEDO 1.0 TSI 110 Xcellence 5dr £13,500 @ Bartletts St Leonards-on-Sea
£13,500Seat Deals
A brand new good reliable family size car, with top of the range spec for the model. 17" alloys, air con, multimedia, full LED headlights, front and rear parking sensors, 6… Read more
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Yes I bought one a few months ago, I am averaging 56.5 mpg according to "fuelly" website and at this price I would definitely recommend this car to anyone. A bargain.


Looks like a lot of car for £13500


love u


I couldn't give a shiney shite what you think mate. Some people take the internet far too seriously and you are obviously one of them. Wasting your time getting involved with this - unbelievable.


You asked Ezzer to read back through his comments and that he is a disgrace and that he should be ashamed of himself. So I did and focused purely on the conversation between you two. Reading back through I see the conversation between you two of Ezzer initially fact finding, presenting possible permutations from his perceptive (one including you being right btw) and from his experience that he would be sceptical that he was not getting the full picture (is that not fair?). This did include him asking you about maintenance costs that you now are agreeing would be into at least into the ballpark of the scope he would expect professionally. Yes he does say that his experience of VAG is why he is dubious albeit counters that with maybe you have been lucky with your A3. The other side of the equation you seem to have taken his fact finding as a personal a front, wound yourself up and yes at that point Ezzer may have goaded albeit you were already, by then, hurling insults at him. Previous chat to this one I had with Ezzer snapping at me that I talk nonsense, perhaps you may now have something in common? Ego and emotions though have little place in finding what is right and after all could you not both have been right if you had not let the red mist descend? Anyway hope you have calmed down now.

Seat Leon Cupra 2.0 TSI 300 5Dr Manual 8000 Miles P/A £269 Deposit + £179 Admin + £269 x 23 (Total £6635) @ seatwarrington
Found 8th Feb 2018Found 8th Feb 2018
Seat Leon Cupra 2.0 TSI 300 5Dr Manual 8000 Miles P/A £269 Deposit + £179 Admin + £269 x 23 (Total £6635) @ seatwarrington
£6,635Seat Deals
My first post but lets see what yall think! Good deal considering engine performance etc. Please note delivery is for approx. June/July 2018 unfortunately :-/ Price is for 8000 … Read more
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Yup. Roughly 1K miles for 70 squid.


I've never had a lease deal before but this looks tempting. The mileage excess is 6.98 pence per mile if I understand correctly? Thanks


Maintenance is £20 extra on these which includes tyre replacements. You shouldnt need it though as first service is set at 20k miles (2 years) so just return a month before its due to avoid the service (or pay £199)


Auto might be better choice because this thing gooooooes! Also. Feb 22nd is the new Cupra separation from SEAT announcement and a Cupra sales event. Might want to wait?


You will probably have to pay for consumables that come up such as oil, coolant, tyres etc

Free UK/Europe roadside assistance worth £245 when you book a SEAT service online
Found 16th Dec 2017Found 16th Dec 2017
Free UK/Europe roadside assistance worth £245 when you book a SEAT service online
Applies to Seat cars over 2 years old (up to then they’re covered anyway). Book a service online at Fixed price servicing costs for any Seat up to 15 years … Read more

Funnily enough, after a service I picked up my car with 3 dents in the bonnet,2 on the roof and a scrape down the hatch.... Luckily I'd video'd the car when I dropped it off - they eventually fixed it, but it was tooth and nail (mad)


My experience and I believe it's my right to share this info. If their techs don't tighten sump plugs what else do they forget to torque, wheelnuts? By all means use SEAT but this is my experience. That is all. I have a family of mechanics (over 50 years experience) at my disposal and only used a main dealer to get a stamp in the book whilst under warranty. Seems there is a reason they give away free breakdown cover for when your oil is all over the road and your engine is ceased.


Yeah all Seat mechanics are terrible and you should NEVER EVER go there to get your car fixed..... because there's one guy out there in Derby who forgot to tighten something. Stay away all.... (annoyed)


Lol worth more like £45


Last service I had done at Seat Derby Pride park the "technician" forgot to tighten up the sump plug. After a few miles of driving the oil light came on and I called the AA included in my service package. After taking the undertray off he said the sump plug could be undone by hand so not even torqued up. I'll wouldn't trust them to fit a bulb or build a Lego car properly.

SEAT TOLEDO 1.0 TSI 110 Xcellence 5dr £12995 @ SEAT Warrington
Found 7th Oct 2017Found 7th Oct 2017
SEAT TOLEDO 1.0 TSI 110 Xcellence 5dr £12995 @ SEAT Warrington
£12,995Seat Deals
A brand new good reliable family size car, with top of the range spec for the model. 17" alloys, air con, multimedia, full LED headlights, front and rear parking sensors, 6 speed g… Read more
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This car is now on offer at £11,995 from Westgate Grimsby.


Bitter much?


I can only assume you're lying as you would know they are fine if you had actually tried one.


I got my Skoda badged version just under 3 years old with 1yr warranty from Skoda dealer to keep for £1k more than the Audi deal :) Was and am very happy with it 18mths on.


I have a Skoda Rapid 1.2TSI 63 plate which is the same car off the same assembly line with a different badge, the older engine and very similar bhp (but smaller wheels on mine too). I can't imagine there will be any issues with the performance whatsoever for normal driving, maybe slightly better as lighter, it's plenty nippy enough once you get the hang of the right revs and you can drop into 6th nicely. As said elsewhere, you get a lot of car for your money although could do with being slightly wider (it's really hard to find a car that will comfortably accept any kind of car seat three abreast). Boot is huge which was a big draw for me and legroom is great - it's 98-99% an Octavia for less money - find it as practical as the C-Max I went from (but VW reliability rather than Ford!). Economy is pretty good out of town especially on single carriageways where you're doing 50-60, flat roads can nudge 60mpg, and nudge 50mpg on motorways/dual carriageways. Around congested town roads it can go under 30mpg (I don't have stop/start :( ), my current underlying average is around 48mpg.

Free Seat Test Drive for FOUR days
Found 9th Sep 2017Found 9th Sep 2017
Free Seat Test Drive for FOUR days
After the Skoda deal got so much heat, even though there was very limited U.K coverage, I thought I would post this deal which can secure you a brand new Seat. I recently took out… Read more

Why so cold ? I am a Sole Trader , so will try and see what happens.


Does it need to be a limited company?


Wow colder than a cold thing :o


VAG companies seem desperate. 1.8million cars recalled in china lol


His epilogue will read Everything was fine until the day he borrowed that Seat!

Seat Leon Cupra 300 - £249pm (1+23 Lease), 8KPA, £180 admin @ Seat Warrington
Found 31st Aug 2017Found 31st Aug 2017
Update 13/10/17 - The deal is still on! Just gone for one of these myself. Standard kit is superb, nav, android auto/apple car/full link, metallic paint and so on. Price listed i… Read more
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seat uk have confirmed digital cockpit is extra they wanted to deliver my car end of feb so i said its a week and a half late so i rather just have it in march on a 18 plate


right so got a call saying it is in transit and will be with me 3-4 weeks


ring seat uk mate i got a call today that my build date is unconfirmed week 5 so basicaly not even built. i ordered mind round same tym nd was told exact same thing


If it makes you feel any better mate, the roads at the minute don't allow for too much hooning. Great vehicle though. Keep looking at buying a Ram-Air IK for mine, but then i remember I'm 35 and probably shouldn't... :{


Anybody had any luck recently on build dates? I ordered mine at the start of September and I haven't heard anything yet. I was told when I ordered that I was looking at the end of January, but this is looking unlikely now

George Asda kids swinging seat £10 Rrp £29 instore - rushden, Northampton.
LocalLocalFound 31st May 2017Found 31st May 2017
George Asda kids swinging seat £10 Rrp £29 instore - rushden, Northampton.
Found in rushden, Northampton. Bargain ☀️
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[image missing][/url] [image missing] photo hosting[/img]






How do I post a picture?


It does have belts on both seats.

SEAT LEON SPORT COUPE 2.0 TSI CUPRA BLACK 290 3DR £199 p/m inc vat, £1194 deposit LEASE 24months £4809.09 @ Seat Warrington
Found 16th Aug 2016Found 16th Aug 2016
SEAT LEON SPORT COUPE 2.0 TSI CUPRA BLACK 290 3DR £199 p/m inc vat, £1194 deposit LEASE 24months £4809.09 @ Seat Warrington
£4,809.09Seat Deals
SEAT LEON SPORT COUPE 2.0 TSI Cupra Black 290 3dr ~ LEON SPT/CPE 2.0TSI CUPRA BLACK 290 Initial rental 23 monthly rentals of £165.83 (plus VAT) Excess mileage 7.2p per mile (plus … Read more

Cold, not a Golf R.....:p




We're not worried Sherlock, you appear to be all over it. :p


They are probably stock deals. Leon is only getting a face-lift in 2017. Not an all-new car.


I know you know. It was more of a comment than an explanation.

SEAT Leon £229 depost + £229PM PCP @ SEAT Blackpool
Found 19th Sep 2015Found 19th Sep 2015
SEAT Leon £229 depost + £229PM PCP @ SEAT Blackpool
After my Z4 broke down I decided to hit the local showrooms. After a lot of "unbeatable deals" and pushy sales staff I did finally stumble across what research shows is a good dea… Read more
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That's a hire not purchase contract?


it's cheaper on gateway to lease it's £180 to £190 for the FR Version


​ might be hot.need more info


I wish I had more information but it was 42 months, interest free.

Free Technology pack with Seat Leon - £16,970 @ SEAT
Found 14th Dec 2013Found 14th Dec 2013
Free Technology pack with Seat Leon - £16,970 @ SEAT
£16,970Seat Deals
I think this is a pretty good deal on a really nice car. Works out to only £169 per month but ends this month
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Ah... I haven't seen a red Seat Leon since one ploughed into me fracturing my spine and changing my life forever in the blink of an eye. And even then I only saw it from a stretcher with my head immobilised. Probably a great deal though.


The 15K included the Technology pack - if you dont want it then the DTD price is 14,593


Pure coincidence that Drive are selling for £15,000, the "freebies" are worth £1,900 and Seat are selling for £16,900? Cold.


Not a bad deal, but you still need to stump up £3,661.37 so not just £169 a month. Just also seen that drive the deal are knocking them out at a smidge under 15K


17 grand for that oO No thanks.

Seat Mii Toca £79 per month 1 years free insurance from £8995 with finance
Found 25th Jun 2013Found 25th Jun 2013
Seat Mii Toca £79 per month 1 years free insurance from £8995 with finance
£8,995Seat Deals
The SEAT Mii 3DR and 5DR come with flexible finance options. The table on the left shows you your monthly payments with no deposit whilst the table on the right shows you your mont… Read more
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5,000 miles per year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


I prefer Toca me by Fragma! :p

New SEAT Ibiza – No Deposit Required. £199 PM.
Found 14th Jun 2012Found 14th Jun 2012
New SEAT Ibiza – No Deposit Required. £199 PM.
SEAT cars are offering their brand new 2012 Ibiza model for £199 per month with no deposit. Features include: 15" alloy wheels Front fog lights with cornering function Leather s… Read more
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Would be cheaper still to save up and pay outright for it.


Would be cheaper to get a load to buy it. These finance deals are a con and should be banned.


do I get this right, £9600 of payments for a car which they are/were offering for £9999 which you then have to give back?? There's no way this car would be worth less than £400 in 4 years time lol so who in their right mind would want this?


A quick lesson in looking out for key words "regularly, not sure if it works out better to do it this way, or buy a new car and then sell in 4 years time where it


Exactly, How much do you think you'd have lost in 4 years of "ownership"? Taking into account any finance interest I would be surprised if you were any better off especially given that used car prices are pretty low at the moment. If you take the time to do the figures, rather than jumping to rash conclusions without any knowledge of the subject, you'll find this isn't a bad deal. It ain't great but it ain't bad either.

50 Free music Downloads when you Test Drive the new SEAT Ibiza.
Found 14th Apr 2012Found 14th Apr 2012
50 Free music Downloads when you Test Drive the new SEAT Ibiza.
Choose your 50 free songs from hundreds of choices. Plus could be fun test driving the brand new car. Obviously this freebie will not be practical for many but it's worth a shot. … Read more
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Seat Ibiza SC 1.4 COPA SE £9,995 @ all Seat dealers. (Climate Control, Alloys, Ipod Connect, Auto Lights/Wipers, Cruise Control,  16" Alloys + More)
Found 11th Jan 2012Found 11th Jan 2012
Seat Ibiza SC 1.4 COPA SE £9,995 @ all Seat dealers. (Climate Control, Alloys, Ipod Connect, Auto Lights/Wipers, Cruise Control, 16" Alloys + More)
£9,995Seat Deals
This has to be the best spec supermini available under £10k in the UK right now. Specs include: Climate control Rain-sensing wipers Auto headlights Front fog lights with cornerin… Read more
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Hey sorry Ive taken a while to reply, because I waited until he first of march to collect my car, I didnt want to say anything incase it went **** up so to speak! Collected my car today from Stoneacre Seat in Doncaster. the service was without fault. Did everything over the phone and everything went smoothly today. I dealt with a lad called Ben, really nice genuine lad, no BS like every other car sales man Ive dealt with. Yes that £8625 price was with PEx, BUT... I had a previous written off (barely working) 13 yr old KA, which they gave me £400 for! I honestly thought Id have to pay someone to take it off my hands. Give them a call, see what they can do for ya :-)


The offer is still running until 31st March


why is this expired?


that's a great deal, IMO. Which dealership was it, and was that a straight cash price, or did it have a trade in or finance option included? My OH is looking for a new car, and this sems ideal.


The derby dealer would not budge on the price, so I left. Checked dealers in the surrounding area and managed to get one down to 8625. :-)

seat minor service £129
Found 3rd Dec 2011Found 3rd Dec 2011
seat minor service £129
seat minor service inc roadside assistance £ or and click on services..some good deals for cars between 3-10yrs old.… Read more

Dont buy this, it is very dodgy company, as I have a very bad experience with maintenance contract with them. Voted cold for everything....


Having bought a Seat from a main dealer in a "drive away deal", which only did a cheap and basic 10k service instead of the major 60k service it required, then having one of the coils (which SHOULD have been replaced in a 60k service) fail leading to a breakdown and being stranded, then being quoted £647 for a timing belt kit, which an independant could do for under £200, I would avoid official Seat "Steelers" and their "service" like the plague. Many independants can do a full service for the £100 mark.


Hot Deal.


As a family we own two Seats and both were serviced via this dealer from new until last year. On the first year service they identified a fault on the Ibiza so we booked it in to be repaired and arranged the time off work. At the time they identified the fault they assured us it was covered by the warranty and there would be no cost. About 4pm the day before the job was booked in they rang and informed us that the work would not be covered by the warranty but they could quote us a price for the work. Took it to another reputable VW specialist and had the work carried out at considerably less than they quoted. The workshop manager there questioned why I hadn’t taken it to a Seat dealer and had it repaired on the warranty as it was clearly a warranty job! IMO sharks and they will never get another penny of my money – Rant over (_;)

Save £2,572 and get £400 of Marks and Spencer vouchers when you buy a SEAT
Found 17th Nov 2011Found 17th Nov 2011
Save £2,572 and get £400 of Marks and Spencer vouchers when you buy a SEAT
This weekend only, SEAT have a no VAT offer on some of their models. They're also giving away £400 worth of Marks and Spencer vouchers!
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The no VAT offer on the Leon FR is a decent offer though they're doing it on petrol and diesel versions. It's a Golf GTi but costs about six grand less :)


SEAT - the least successful of all the brands in the VAG stable. It's mission is to be the sporty brand but it's losing a shed load of money.


When is the new seat leon out ????? Whatcar said months ago be this year ?? Cant find any pics of new model ANYWHERE


But this is his/her day job... awkward


£400 of M&S vouchers - excellent, that's this weeks food shop taken care of.

VAT free Offer on Seat Leon and Ibiza (Alloys, Climate, Auto Lights & Wipers, Cruise)
Found 27th Sep 2011Found 27th Sep 2011
VAT free Offer on Seat Leon and Ibiza (Alloys, Climate, Auto Lights & Wipers, Cruise)
£10,524Seat Deals
Seat have got a VAT free promotion on certain models at the moment. Ibiza 5DR Copa SE 1.4 16" alloy wheels Climate control Rain-sensing wipers Auto headlights … Read more
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This "offer" is blatantly illegal under the Consumer Protection Regulations. That national advertisers can get away with such lies just shows how useless the Advertising Scams Authority and the Trading Scams departments are.


Yes you can buy at these prices cash, SEAT have come along way in both build quality and product offerings.. The Ibiza looks imo better than the its polo sibling and the copa spec makes it a steal.. As for quality of dealers that is changing too with larger dealer groups representing the brand now and investing in better showrooms.. The chap in charge of the uk seem very switched on and the chap in charge of the entire brand has strong backing from VWG to make the brand very successful. VWG quality, Audi Sportyness at Skoda Prices = BARGAIN!


Can this car be purchased for the listed price with cash?


I suggest you do some research on the 1.2tsi engine before posting non factual info.


The 1.2 Leon is a 1.2 Turbo, not rapid but not slow either. My Seat has been very reliable. Approaching 60k and all I've had go wrong is a wheel bearing.