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Stone Roses Tickets Way Under Face Value for Ethiad Gigs (from under £20 now) @ Seatwave
Found 15th Jun 2016Found 15th Jun 2016
Example given is for Seatwave, sure that similar prices are available from Stubhub, Viagogo, etc. First Ethiad (Manchester City ground) gig is tonight. Public Enemy are support.
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I got 2 tickets for Sunday but mate can't go now and struggling to sell them :(


You bitter bitter person.


If this was them back in the day I'd chop your hands off for a ticket.


Spose they need to fill the 'emptyhad' somehow. It's starting to look like the 'haemorrhoids' when they have their fire drill at about 70 mins on a matchday!


Stone roses should never have come back, attrocious. Saw them at V a few years back, terrible gig. Dont get me wrong they WERE a great band but now it just sounds awful. As for the tickets. The etihad is a big place, didnt even know they were doing 4 nights. Muse couldnt sell out 1 night there a few years ago, I had to give my spare ticket away as nobody wanted to buy it Anyhoo, im off to play stone roses on cd and bask in the glory of a brilliant album

2x Professor Green Tickets at the Manchester Academy - £23.65 each plus £9.98 Booking Fee @Seatwave
Found 1st Nov 2014Found 1st Nov 2014
Found these tickets on SeatWave's website for Professor Green on the 5th December. Price is £23.65 per ticket. The cheapest I can find on the web. Brilliant deal considering I foun… Read more
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Sounds like a spaz


Such a ****


Why does he sound like a Jamaican gangster on helium when he ahem!!! Raps???


Wouldn't go if it was free :/


Finding the cheapest ticket tout is not in the spirit of this website regardless of the legality of seatwave

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David Gray, (remember him ?) Seatwave under face value tickets for The Albert Hall gig 24th June (from £15.49 all fees included)
Found 19th Jun 2014Found 19th Jun 2014
This guy was huge one time, like a One Man Coldplay who shook his head a lot. Seems to be a lot of tickets available, the cheapest i have found is £12.50, which becomes £15.49 aft… Read more
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otherside, freedom, late night radio, nemesis, fugitive and this years love definitely need to be checked out if you haven't already done so


I have to agree that thank goodness we don't all like the same sort of music or it would be very boring indeed so "Viva la difference!" as they say. I suppose I have a rather eclectic taste in music so although I can't profess to be a fan, I do have some David Gray tracks in my pretty large music collection that I like. His 'White ladder' album was a good album and certainly a big seller. My favourite Gray tracks are probably the fairly obvious ones such as 'Alibi', 'Babylon', 'Be mine', 'Kathleen', 'The One I Love' and 'Sail Away'. Apart from those though I would probably struggle to name many more.


you obviously haven't listened to alot of his upbeat material then.


Hee hee hilarious eh! Everyone has different tastes which is great. I was merely saying he used to send me to sleep,his voice actually makes me cringe and I genuinely can't listen to him! It is a good deal though as I have stated,cheap price for live music,great for people that like him :) If we all liked the same what a boring place it would be!


Glad to see others got it thought I was the only one when people where slating it. Made me chuckle anyway.

Cheap X Factor Live Tour tickets - Wembley Arena from £4.50 plus booking fee @ seatwave
Found 5th Mar 2014Found 5th Mar 2014
Not my cup of tea but good if anyone likes that kind of thing!! Bargain day / night out! Cheapest price (£4.50 at time of posting) if for the sunday Matinee show on 9th March - … Read more

Just go to the main search and type in the event and all the dates will be listed


How do ypu find other venues I want liverpool


I guess they are cheap because there's one left and no-one wants to go on their own. If you really do though, bargain!


Honest your honour - I was looking for something else and this came up and thought someone might find it useful!! lol


err no thanks. couldnt pay me.

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Rizzle Kicks tickets from £2.99 for tonight at Manchester Apollo @ Seatwave
Found 27th Feb 2014Found 27th Feb 2014
Noticed loads of tickets still available tonight at the Apollo in Manchester through Seatwave. Yes I know there's some extra fees on top but this is still way below original ticket… Read more

The opinion of most of the internet right here. "if u don't like my music, u must like bieber lolz


Decent price. Would have jumped on this of it weren't such short notice


hahaha that'll teach em to mock huey from the flc


That's a shame for a couple of reasons...


I like their music so went to see them live but was very disappointed. That said it is a good deal

American Psycho the Musical tickets
Found 31st Dec 2014Found 31st Dec 2014
New years eve tickets for American Psycho the Musical - great reviews and completely sold out
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How the hell do they combat doing the rat scene as part of a musical? 'Whoomph there it is' by TagTeam?


A delicious romp of psychoticness :)


This is a fantastic show, well worth going out your way to see.


Also here:

Share New Years Eve With Gary Barlow, tickets from £93 (including fees) just got email from Seatwave
Found 26th Dec 2013Found 26th Dec 2013
Arguably one of the three best singers in the world (others arguably being Williams and Buble) performing for you at Westminister Central Hall, all you need is £93, (or more)
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Indeed, the new Rat Pack


they make Springsteen, Bennett, and Diamond look like karaoke singers :p


Or Serena in the shower? Naughty, get that mental image out of your head!


Or Kenneth.


Nah, I think he must mean Robin

Barlow Vs Buble Vs Williams.... Battle Of (Argubaly) The Three Greatest Singers In The World, Seatwave Offering 5% off Tickets using Code, which expires tonight From £60....code can also be used for other treats, such as One Direction, X Factor Live.
Found 25th Dec 2013Found 25th Dec 2013
Code is XMASTREAT (In capitals, not just me being excited) Have just recieved an email about this, and the events you can use it in... Enjoy 5% off the following events in 2014!… Read more
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you having a laugh, he canny sing, but a least Robbie can entertain


This should be a joke in a christmas cracker.


if someone could explain how this nob got to be the darling of everyone from Cameron to the Queen, I'd love to hear it. There must have been a right few funny handshakes going on.[/quote Barlow made the jubilee song for the he is on everything.....I'm beginning to think he owns the bbc....he's on it that often


if someone could explain how this nob got to be the darling of everyone from Cameron to the Queen, I'd love to hear it. There must have been a right few funny handshakes going on.


That's one argument I'm staying out of. Only because it's likely to be held in an insane asylum.

Cheapest Tickets For Robbie Williams Crooning Tour from £78 (approx £92 with fees)  via Seatwave
Found 22nd Dec 2013Found 22nd Dec 2013
I think its brilliant the way he has combined Frank Sinatra, Norman Wisdom and the hair of Dickie Davies. I decided I must see him live and be in the presence of this major talen… Read more
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Exactly, and paying £92.00 to watch a washed-up, ex-boyband member singing karaoke in a half-empty theatre is a crap deal!


Made his need to charge so much now.....sickening....don't bother...he's not as good as HE thinks


For god sake you miserable gits this is a DEALS site NOT a reviews site!!!


"And he will face the final curtain"......Once its Milked for everything.......If your Reading this Bob .....Remember the time we met you,i said it to my son then an i'll say it now ....He'll always be a Knobend in my eyes......Keeeeeeep swinging Nob ...sorry Bob..... ;).


Seen manchester tickets for 88 this morning although face value only £55 annoying!

JLS...THE FINAL SHOW... Please don't cry, be proud of what they were and celebrate, tickets now from £18, London O2
Found 19th Dec 2013Found 19th Dec 2013
All Great a Things Must Come To An End Link not working, but it's Seatwave
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^ this deal is cold as the day is long.


So did I. Days are short in winter, long in summer.


No it stands for Just Little Sausage ;)


This would make a perfect Christmas present, but I don't hate anyone that much.


The "band" that refused to stop using autotune on their recordings and concerts because their " expect it". Laughable. But not as laughable as the one who looks in his mid-40's riding around on a bmx bike in one of their videos.

Undervalue tickets on Seatwave Will I Am, Boyzone, Bullet for my Valentine, Haim
Found 27th Nov 2013Found 27th Nov 2013
Looks like the ticket tout worm has turned. Seatwave have tickets for Will I am from £13 (Bham 4/12), Boyzone (£15) bullet for my Valentine (£12)and Haim (£13) http://www.seatwav… Read more

Scratch that!!! Just received a very broken answer machine message from Seatwave cancelling my tickets and offering me a 5% (insult me why don'y ya!) discount!!


Just managed to pick up 2 x justin timberlake tickets @ the lg arena for under £40 (inc fees and insurance) probably not the best seats but for less than £20 each they could be next to the toilets and still be a bargain!


I have been getting these emails too recently, some potential bargains can be found (I git a very late ticket to the American Football at Wembley recently, was about half price)... , however, remember that Seatwave will add on an extra charge or two by the time you come to pay. I would love the touts to get stitched right up, but to be honest they seem more prevalent than ever. For example, at the time of writing The Bullet for My Valentine tickets for Wembely are "from £18"... At the final basket, with two added fees, they are £24.50

50% off booking fee for Mumford and Sons @ Seatwave
Found 5th Dec 2012Found 5th Dec 2012
Seatwave are continuing their advent calendar, offering 50% off all booking fees for Mumford and Sons performing FRIDAY at the LG Arena-Birmingham.
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this shudnt be allowed spoilin it for the fans


weird how tkt price as almost doubled !

Radiohead O2 VIP  Box tickets for tonight , (Monday) ... Seatwave... £121
Found 8th Oct 2012Found 8th Oct 2012
Hi just posting quickly as only approx 10 tickets left, this is the price after fees etc £100 before fees. Tickets can be picked up from seat wave collection point by the arena 3p… Read more
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I was not convinced at that Caribou, never heard of them, though their drummer was well into it


Bummer. When we saw them in Manchester the crowd were really into it. I was worried the sound was going to be a bit crap as I couldn't really hear Caribou too well, but when they played the first song (Airbag) the clarity was perfect. Seems the O2 crowd didn't appreciate the occasion. But hey, at least we were lucky enough to go :). Oh and I don't know about anyone else, but even my not-so-favourite TKOL songs sounded great on the night. Now to worry that I'm gonna miss out on seeing them at Glasto 2013..


Yeah the seats parallel to the stage weren't great, I was a bit disappointed with the view and sound from there (202) but didn't want to bring yer down before the gig...;-( In my VIP box there were approx 20 seats, but only about half of them were being sat in, folk were at the bar / mulling about a bit, and looking around the venue I too was surprised to see noticeable gaps in the regular seating areas above the VIP seats, not huge, but noticeable. I hadn't been to the O2 before, was something I really wanted to do, and pleased I went but I don't think it's a great venue. I saw Radiohead in Lisbon win the summer (Optimus Live) and it was a much better experience to be honest. I found the crowd at the O2 rather flat as well, Lisbon was a great atmosphere. So Radiohead were great, O2 and VIP seats not so...


I figured it would be as it is the rotating set list


bit of a crap seat but excellent gig, from my position I was dissapointed to see so many empty seats at a "sold out" concert, had I had the balls to move could of got a much better seat and I also counted 11 vip boxes completely empty and almost all off them being used only had a few people inside them, surely the 02 could release these seats rather than leave them empty, There There and Idioteque and Videotape was the highlight for me, the couple beside me did not have a good time (turned out he only realy knew Pablo Honey music) and left after a hour