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Seaworld Blue Friday deal, Tickets to be reedemed before 15th March 2018
Found 24th Nov 2017Found 24th Nov 2017
Seaworld Blue Friday deal, Tickets to be reedemed before 15th March 2018
You're invited to dive into SeaWorld’s biggest sale of the year with Blue Friday, SeaWorld's twist on the traditional Black Friday deals. From tickets and passes to unforgettable … Read more

Don't fund SeaWorlds cruelty. Cold.


Not very good, it's only £100 for 14 days Seaworld, Aquatica & Busch Gardens

Blue Friday at
Found 25th Nov 2016Found 25th Nov 2016
Blue Friday at
Apposed to Black Friday they've done blue Friday. Discounts applicable to dining plans, passes and swimming with dolphins
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Hmm. Captive whales and dolphins. Avoid.

FREE DVD - SeaWorldParks
Found 20th Sep 2015Found 20th Sep 2015
SeaWorld is the world’s best loved marine park – home to Shamu the killer whale and star of our famous shows. Breathtaking rides and unforgettable animal experiences are what we d… Read more
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Blackfish 3


Another 10 dolphins went under the tarps last night in Taiji :( This whole industry, parading as 'tradition', is disgusting.


i am glad people have educated minds now . i remember getting banned for a few days on here for slating seaworld last year i went to get the the bus outside seaworld going to disney and it was deserted no one going at all . i refuse to go to sea world .and i am in orlando next month again and i have even been offered free tickets of people i know who are offering me there tickets .


It's about time Blackfish was shown on a Freeview channel. Maybe none of them want to upset the shareholders of Sea World.


'Unforgettable animal experiences' Yeah I would imagine watching a trainer being dragged underwater by a whale repeatedly and drowned would be pretty unforgettable. Watch blackish or any other similar documentary before thinking about going to seaworld.

Found 9th Apr 2015Found 9th Apr 2015
You will find everything you need to know about Seaworld, one of the world’s best marine park with some amazing shows. To order your free Seaworld DVD, visit the linked page to se… Read more

Don't go,but claim their free dvd all the same.If they send enough out they may go bankrupt.


Captivity = Cruelty :( Seaworld = Abusement park :(


I'd base my choice not to go on these creatures being kept captive, performing for food and indirectly supporting the brutal hellish Taiji drive hunt which rips juvenile dolphins from their family, driven back to sea to probably die on their own, 1000's dolphins slaughtered in the Cove, the 'pretty' ones held in captive pens, medicated, then sold on around the world. This year's hunt, filmed everyday by Cove Guardians was extremely brutal.


Presumably all you Blackfish supporters can supply detailed evidence to counter the new massive number of errors, lies and un evidenced and manipulated facts and images which have come to light and strangely remain unanswered by the creators ? No I didn't think so. This outright lying includes but us not limited to; dubbed over sound from completely different sources, showing whales that are unrelated and not those being talked about, showing imagery of a trainer that is not the one being talked about, missing the fact that the safety officer they based much information on was suspended pending an investigation, claiming a whale was kept in solitary confinement despite the fact visitors can see this is untrue, and claiming whales were forced to perform despite the fact visitors and seaworld could show rare instances where shies had to be changed or cancelled when they didn't want to perform. In short, Blackfish is made to prove a point regardless of fact. Go, don't go, but don't base that decision on this excuse of an investigation.


Please do not support Seaworld, instead support one of the many campaigns to close these cruel animal circuses. Their marketing suggests that the captive whales and dolphins enjoy being held in captivity and performing for the public. If you do some research you will find out that this is very far from the truth. As mentioned above, the documentary Blackfish reveals that the psychological distress caused by keeping these very intelligent animals in captivity and forcing them to perform "tricks" for rewards leads to them developing mental health issues, which in some cases causes them to react violently towards their "trainers". Whales and dolphins should be free to roam the oceans, not subjected to cruel and unnatural treatment for "entertainment" purposes.

Second Day for $10 and $10 off online purchase of tickets at SeaWorld Orlando (so effectively 2 days for 1)
Found 25th Feb 2014Found 25th Feb 2014
Second Day for $10 and $10 off online purchase of tickets at SeaWorld Orlando (so effectively 2 days for 1)
Cue "voted cold because SeaWorld are evil" Not sure if this is available at other SeaWorld parks. 1 day ticket $82 (10$ off gate price) + Extra day $10 There may be 6.5% sales t… Read more


This might work out cheaper if your going before 5th May


They stopped it by the beginning of 2013...


OK, I obviously need my eyes testing... you are absolutely correct. It's a bit daft though - if you land on the homepage of the Orlando site there is a ticket box in the top left. If you identify your country as UK and click through it displays the option for the Fun Card. It's only if you click further to the more info section do you get told (in tiny writing) it's for USA, Canada and Puerto Rico... so they are actually directing you to buy the wrong thing.... Ho hum... (_;)


Thought that was deal of the century then - the one I had seen had Florida residents at the top of the page..... However, if you click details on your link above it does say This voucher expires December 31, 2014. Admission is valid during regularly scheduled operating hours. This voucher is non-transferable, non-refundable, not for resale and void if altered. Valid only for the person listed on the voucher. Photo ID required. Photocopies will not be accepted. A replacement fee will be assessed for lost or stolen Fun Cards. Restricted to residents of the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. Not valid for certain events. This offer is not to be combined with any other special offers or discounts. Offer subject to change without notice. Parking not included. Oh well - doubt I would get chance to get back in a year!

Free Seaworld DVD
Found 21st Jan 2014Found 21st Jan 2014
Order a FREE Seaworld DVD on the linked website. Just fill in your details on the form and submit. You will find everything you need to know about Seaworld, one of the world’s best… Read more

We used to go to seaworld each time we visited. We didn't go back last year after watching Blackfish, and will never go again. So sad.

steve10574 Or get both sides of the story ?


Watch 'Blackfish' and/or 'The Cove' and never set foot in $eaWorld or any other abusement park again. Captivity = Cruelty


AVOID AVOID AVOID! Having watched the documentary "Blackfish" I would not want to associate myself with seaworld in any way. The animals living conditions are cruel, the shows they are forced to perform in are cruel and the way they are captured is cruel. I implore anyone who reads this to watch Blackfish and spread the word. This is the only way this cruelty will stop.


Much better DVD to spend your time on - agree totally.

free seaworld dvd
Found 2nd Nov 2013Found 2nd Nov 2013
watch this dvd and then pretend you have been there.
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if i had watched blackfish first i wouldnt have posted this on hukd. all i saw was a free dvd and thought that would be good to to everyone who voted this cold i agree with you. catching and keeping killer whales in captivity should be outlawed . anyone who visits seaworld after knowing the facts should be ashamed of themselves.


Thanks! Great spot






Totally agree and no more breeding pandas in captivity either :)

Free Seaworld DVD
Found 5th Jun 2013Found 5th Jun 2013
Order a FREE Seaworld DVD on the linked website. Just fill in your details on the form and submit. You will find everything you need to know about Seaworld, one of the world’s best… Read more
Free Seaworld DVD
Found 25th May 2013Found 25th May 2013
Seaworld Parks and Entertainment are giving away a free DVD so make sure you get yours now!

That's mad.... I've lived in India in a veggie area and they all had eggs :)


Vegetarians from India consider Eggs as Non-veggie food. We call veggetarians who eat eggs as eggitarians :).


That's what they say, but having seen behind the scenes footage from these places I very much doubt they care as much as they pretend to. Just like the RSPCA, who put down animals all the time without good reason.


Hey you should patent that, 'half veggie half vegan' I'm sure you would create a trend, I wish I thought of it :p


Maybe a daft question but what does the DVD contain?