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Posted 24 September 2022

Sebago Boat Shoes from £74.09 delivered with code @ MasterShoe

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Yes - they're not cheap, but good shoes rarely are, and these are good value. Sebago shoes have a reputation of high quality and should comfortably outlive and outlast cheaper alternatives many times over.

Sebago boat shoes (various models) from £77.99 to £79.99 at MasterShoe
RRPs are around £110-130 depending on model. Though can usually be picked up around £90-100

Code HIGHFIVE for 5% off
Potential TopCashBack too

Free P&P
Master Shoe More details at Master Shoe
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    Great price for these. Unfortunately not in my size, otherwise I would have jumped at these. Always wanted a pair of Docksiders :-(
  2. Avatar
    Thanks for the heads up. Had a look, but nothing there I am looking for. Thank you anyway
    48291114-TBfIg.jpgZalando Longue also (filter by brand). Can you tell I've been shoe shopping this morning lol.

    zalando-lounge.co.uk/cam…F/3 (edited)
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    Yip - did expect this to get some cold votes. Stand by this being solid value though.
    Really good price nice find...
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    Probably the best boat shoe out there. Great price, always £100 plus so heat from me, not that I would wear it.
    Good to see appreciation for quality shoes. Spending more for quality footwear saves money in the long-term.
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    I like the look of these, they are similar to the M&S ones I have
  6. Avatar
    Why do all “boat shoes” look like this? It’s a mad design, are you supposed to hang fish hooks off the little leather ropes or something?

    Surely there’s a more grippy sole than these available with modern technology?
    The side laces are part of the main laces. As you pull the main laces tight it should pull in on the sides giving a more snug fit so they don't come off your feet. However, many modern boat shoes have independent side laces that are there just for show.

    Boat shoes are designed to have good grip on wet decks. Cheaper and basic high street ones won't be great, but these ones should be grippy on smooth wet surfaces.