Second Chance on The Lotto (05/06/10)

Second Chance on The Lotto (05/06/10)

Found 6th Jun 2010
Noticed this on TV ad's, The Mail on Sunday are offering a second chance on the National Lottery. If you bouht a ticket for last night's lottery 5th June 2010 you can use that ticket against numbers printed in the Mail on Sunday for a chance to win upto £100,000

These are the numbers

01 - 09 - 11 - 35 - 43 - 47

You have to get the token in the paper, if you've won but technically if you check your numbers first you'll have won atleast £10 so it's more than a freebie, otherwise, if you haven't, don't buy the paper, simple.

"Prizes are as follows:- 6 numbers matched £100,000; 5 numbers matched £25,000; 4 numbers matched £20,000. There is a further prize of £10 for each successfully validated entry to the draw that matches 3 numbers."

Link takes you to official website to register if you have won, don't forget to buy a paper if you do. I didn't win unfortunately


All claims must be received by 9pm tonight! So don't forget to check asap.
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argh, 2 numbers!
about as much luck as with the main lotto but thanks anyway

argh, 2 numbers!

+1 :x
Yep i got 2 numbers aswell.
And how do you know that the Mail didn't contact the Lottery and ask how many people won £10, what numbers were used most often etc and then generated some of their own numbers so very few would win. I mean cmon they really dont wan a million readers winning £10 do they, even if they can afford it
i dont suppose anyone could pm me a set of numbers from the paper as i am stuck at work till 10pm, but i have got 3 numbers so can claim
does it work like that?
3 numbers matched, hooo

Not really. I got one...
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