Second hand original Nintendo DS console @Game

Second hand original Nintendo DS console @Game

Found 23rd Jan 2010
Secondhand Original DS consoles are finally back in stock @ Game on line !! . They are still trying to sell them through their stores at inflatted prices (saw one today in Rugby for £90 in a bundle dea)l. Online they are £40 with a 1 year guarantee . Just picked one up for our 4 year old daughter so stop her destroying my wifes DSI. only silver available


I wonder who those people are that vote cold on everything that is just posted...

Anyway, this is a solid deal. The screens are very poorly lit, so I wouldn't recommend them for more serious gamers, but they're perfect if you have some kids who enjoy games, but that you don;t trust with too expensive hardware.

Also, buy some screen protectors along with it, they can be found dirt cheap on DealExtreme, I've gone through 3 packs (I play a lot on my DS) and the really keep te system responsive and clean.

cold because out-of-stock!

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Blinking heck they went fast !!!! . Darn thought i might have got some more people in on the deal . OH WELL :whistling:

Strange, it says Preowned INSTOCK, but when you click on add it doesnt show up in your Basket.

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Yep !. My order definatly went through. I hope once January is over and they realise that they are not going to get rid of them instore at the inflatted prices they may put them back online at the more realistic £40 !
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