Secret Arrow. Valentines gift. £9.99 delivered.

Secret Arrow. Valentines gift. £9.99 delivered.

Found 3rd Feb 2007
quote "This secret arrow is for those who like to consider themselves the under cover agent of love. Roll your message into the shaft and pass it on. This high quality cast metal arrow is beautifully presented.

This product lends itself well to a personalised service. Handwrite or print your message then send it to its destination - a guaranteed anonymous service, perfect for Valentines Day."

I thought this was quite a novel and romantic gift. (Others may disagree ) Wouls suit both male and female too !

There appears to be a few different versions of this arrow around so you might want to check out other online retailers. though is the cheapest I can find.


Look like an interesting gift! :thumbsup:



Ahh, this is lovely hottoshop and a great price for such a quirky gift :thumbsup:

I am curious as to how you are supposed to get the papers out after you put them in! Knowing my luck they would get stuck!
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