Secret Files: Tunguska on Wii £9.99

Secret Files: Tunguska on Wii £9.99

Found 8th Dec 2008
Unravel one of the greatest mysteries of our time!

1908, Siberia, Tunguska region: a massive explosion of unknown origin triggers a flaming inferno and leaves death and destruction in its path. Almost 100 years later, this mysterious catastrophe is barely remembered. Even Nina Kalenkov knows nothing of it, until her scientist father suddenly vanishes without a trace.

Accompany Nina and her boyfriend Max on a fascinating voyage of adventure all around the world. Follow the tracks of the kidnappers through the ancient secret passageways of Irish castle ruins, through the flickering heat of Cuba and aboard the legendary Trans-Siberian railroad.

You will soon find there is more at stake here than a single human life...

Special Features

Intuitive controls, rumble feature and the optional puzzle assistant
Play cooperatively in 2 player mode
Use the Wii controllers to navigate your way around
More than 100 highly detailed and lovingly animated locations


How many people have never heard of this event !

But if that mother (they think it might have been a comet !) had
actually touched down - it would have made Hiroshima look like
a firework !!

Lucky it was in the middle of no-where!

Ive not heard of it but given i have'nt read a wii magazine in like 8 months it aint a suprise lol its got good reviews on play,people say its like a point and click game,similar to Broken Sword,i might buy it,good find

I have got this game on ds and love it!
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