Secret Santa Ideas for your Office Party from £2.49 @ B&M

Secret Santa Ideas for your Office Party from £2.49 @ B&M

Found 10th Dec 2017
Ahh… the office secret Santa, there’s nothing quite like it is there? Finding the perfect gift can be difficult enough for friends and family, but throw in someone you have nothing but a shared desk in common with and it can seem like an impossible task.

No-one’s saying that you need to buy them something they’ll treasure for the rest of their life, but getting something at least half useful / funny / that won’t be deposited straight into the bin is a bonus - especially if you pull your boss’ name out of the hat!

Here are seven great secret Santa gift ideas for coworkers, all for less than a fiver.
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I have a great office party game called "The Sack". I bring in a roll of black dustbin bags and get everyone to put one over their head. Then I go round slapping people in the face with wads of £50 notes. Always makes me laugh
Mike Ashley
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