Secret Weapons Over Normandy (XBOX) £4.99 FREE DELIVERY!!!
Secret Weapons Over Normandy (XBOX) £4.99 FREE DELIVERY!!!

Secret Weapons Over Normandy (XBOX) £4.99 FREE DELIVERY!!!

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Secret Weapons Over Normandy features gameplay accessible to all audiences. Through more than 30 exhilarating air-to-air and air-to-ground World War II missions, players engage in dogfights over the turbulent skies of 15 unique combat theaters including Europe, the Eastern Front, North Africa, China-Burma-India, and the Pacific. As a member of a secret squadron of elite pilots, players can take to the skies in more than 20 realistically modeled fighters and bombers as they progress through the course of the game.

Spanning a period of four years when world domination by the Third Reich seemed a near certainty, Secret Weapons Over Normandy allows players to relive the most infamous air battles of that era to help swing the balance of power back to the Allied Forces. The game follows a historically accurate timeline of key conflicts, beginning with the dramatic Evacuation of Dunkirk; the fierce Battle of Britain; Germany's daring planned invasion of England, known as Operation Sea Lion; the pivotal Battle of Midway; and culminating in the war's most brutal battle, the D-Day invasion.

Among a multitude of legendary Allied, German, and Japanese aircraft in Secret Weapons Over Normandy, players can pilot the twin-engine P-38 Lightning; the P-51 Mustang, one of the fastest piston-driven fighters of the era; the dangerously unstable Me 163 Komet rocket plane; Me 262 turbo jet fighter, the first-ever jet fighter in combat; and even be a gunner in the B-17 Flying Fortress heavy bomber.

Secret Weapons Over Normandy features the voice of Will Lyman, best known for his narration of the PBS series Frontline. Famed Japanese actor Mako, star of the motion picture Tora! Tora! Tora! delivers authentic World War II Japanese Imperial dialect. Adding to the overall experience, the game's sound has been derived directly from field recordings of actual World War II-era aircraft.

Downloadable Content:

He162 and Furious Engel (01/2004, Plane and Map, Free)

Pack 4 (Pack, Free) - The all-new He162 Volksjager plane, a new two-player mission, Furious Engel and new skins for the P-51 Mustang and the B-17 Flying Fortress are ready for take-off!

Pack 3 (Pack, Free) - Take to the skies in the new Macchi 202, and take on Escape from Tripoli - a new single player mission. New skin for the Ju-87 Stuka included.

Pack 2 (Pack, Free) - The Ki-61 plane is a force to be reckoned with try it out on Last Chance, a new single player campaign. New skin included for the Betty Bomber.

Pack 1 (Pack, Free) - Pilot the Vought F4U Corsair Fighter and P-40E Kittyhawk and get yourself skins for the P-40 Warhawk and P-38 Lightning.

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this is a spiffing game and i have never had so much fun

by norman gillbury, 07/09/2004 21:03:05
If you`ve ever wanted to fly an old Spitfire or Hurricane, look no further, because the graphics on the game are mint! You can even end up as a gunner!

by Steven Dacombe, 16/04/2004 17:47:16
Well produced-sort of MOH aloft, some of the ariel combat is really edge of seat stuff but still fun, worth the investment, Chocs Away - Tally ho and all that.

by paul, 14/12/2003 22:51:55
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