Section 8 (Xbox 360) £16.79 @ ShopTo

Section 8 (Xbox 360) £16.79 @ ShopTo

Found 8th Oct 2009Made hot 9th Oct 2009
Not the greatest game around but not bad for the price and the cheapest around.
even better than the Zavvi preorder.

BTW this games sells for CASH £19 at Cex so worst come to the worse if you hate it sell it to Cex and get £2.97


released 01 September 2009 must be a right duffer lol voted hot anyway

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I played the demo and i liked the launching into the match but the running and stuff is a tad poor but overall games its passable but people will love it if you can get passed the faults as the gameplay online modes are good :thumbsup:

Wow....didnt take long for this new release to hit the budget price control is crap would be awesome if it were much better...:)

Demo is ok, passed the time while I wated for Halo 3:ODST ;-)

Hot price, though the game itself can't really be recommended unless you really have played all the other far superior games out there. And there are a lot.

not a great game.
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