Secure Digital SD / MMC USB Unlock Device £4.38 Delivered

Secure Digital SD / MMC USB Unlock Device £4.38 Delivered

Found 17th May 2008
Having a password protected memory card has its pros and cons - you will be able to prevent unauthorized reading of its files, but on the other hand woe to you should you forget the password being used. After all, writing down your passwords somewhere else isnt exactly safe since somebody could stumble upon that valuable piece of literature and gain access to your most personal information. The USB SD/SDHC/MMC memory Unlock ensures such a dilemma would never happen if your SD, SDHC, miniSD, microSD and MMC memory cards are password protected as it will be able to unlock your card. It can be used as a standalone device or one thats connected to the PC via USB, drawing power from there.
- USB 2.0 compatible
- Supports plug & play and hot swap
- O/S supported
- LED light indicator
- Low power consumption
- 9V battery and USB-battery cable included (for standalone unlock operation)
- Supports various kinds of cards, i.e., SD card, Mini SD card, Tflash card, MMC card, RS-MMC card, MS card, MMC ? card, MS Pro card, MC Duo card, MS MG card, MS MG card, MS MG Duo card, MS MG Pro Duo card, MS Pro Duo card
- Compatible with Windows 98SE, 2000ME, XP, Mac8.6

Bargain at £4.38 next best price £8.17


Is there any point in password protecting an SD card if it can be unlocked by anyone who has one of these?

these from experience don't acutally unlock cards ,they just format them to make them readable again.
If your PC/camera / mobile pone declares ''cannot read'' or ''cannot format'' status / rather than throwing the card away you can use one of these units to forcefully-format your corrupted card.
Again from experience , after a couple of forced formats the units seem to not work anymore. perhaps due to inferior quality...have actually been through two of them.
I believe some old nokia handsets can be used to unlock /format dead cards but obviously this doesnt apply to SDHC cards.
Finally if like me you're mad about Pocket PC's , then you might want to get an Application like flashformat. again ....won't save your cards contents when it's corrupted but it will at least allow you to format the card to it's default clean state if all else fails.
tip :dont install flashformat on your pocket pc till you rteally need it, you get a something like a 15 trial following installation. so install when you really need it and take advantage of the free trial. otherwise when you really need it , you're going to have to buy it as your trial period would have expired long ago
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