See Film First Alerts
See Film First Alerts

See Film First Alerts

Are you missing out on tickets?


Early Alerts

We are now offering a small number of people the opportunity to receive text alerts, at least one hour before emails are sent out, to increase your potential to get tickets.

VIP Wait list

In addition to text alerts, we will have a specific holding area for returns - so, if you don't get tickets and you are still keen to see the film, you email us and we will prioritise you for when returns come in.

How it Works

If you would like to subscribe to early alerts you simply text VIP, followed by your postcode to 84010. (Save 84010 as Seefilmfirst, now!)


To: 84010

You will never receive more than TWO texts per week, and you can 'unsubscribe' at anytime, (simply send the word 'STOP' to 84010) and you will still remain on our email database.

What information do you get?

We will send you the code for screenings, where there are tickets available, at a cinema within 10 miles of your postcode

The cost:

Each text will cost you £1.50. But remember, going to the cinema is more than £5 per ticket (and you get two with Seefilmfirst), and these are all previews - that is you see them before they are released!

When will it start?

We will send you codes as soon as we have screenings near you! However, traditionally, summer is our quietest period so whilst you may have had a film a week for the last few months, this may slow down now. By registering early, you will be higher on our priority list. Don't forget however, you can cancel the text message at any time.


I hate this sort of thing - They always seem to be aimed at kids or teens & then their credit gets eaten up & they are to affraid to tell their parents what they have done.

It happend to my daughter with another premium service - the only way to get out of it was to get another sim card for her phone

Sorry but i don't like these text services (£1.50p per text & 2 text's per week = £3 & thats not a deal in my opinion?????) how much money are these people & others making (why not 50p max per text)

Freezing Cold from me

Got the email this morning, not convinced.

Seeing as there isnt a cinema for Seefilmfirst within 10 miles of me its pretty pointless. AND at £1.50 total cost could well me more than tickets to my local cinema - especially if you dont want to see that film or it is still already sold out
Definately COLD!!!

This site is given on the Martin Lewis site "Money Saving Expert".
If you sign up online, you can omit your mobile details and yes you do get free preview tickets and no texts. I have just this Tuesday been to see Get Smart with my nephew.

No cost other than travel to and from the cinema.

Now Thats A Bit More Like It

So how do I sighn up online then?

The way i see it, they will be sending you 2 txt messages a week (they say 'no more than 2' which i would imagine means no LESS than 2 as well!) so that means £3 per week every week. Considering that there wont be a film EVERY WEEK that you want to see, more likely 1 a month on average, this would make your 'free' tickets cost £12...not really a good deal in my book....but what do I know, this is only my first post ;-)

Here's the website.
Costs nothing to sign up, nothing to go.
Just be sure to tick the right boxes and leave off your phone number.



So how do I sighn up online then?

Errr click go to deal - register now. :whistling:

I'm confused!
I've been registered for a long time and only very rarely do i get an email. Usually the codes on here and MSE are the fastest way to get tickets. I cant see the point in these text alerts when these sites are free and fast. Why pay for something you dont need - keep checking the boards and go for FREEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!


I'm confused!I've been registered for a long time and only very rarely do … I'm confused!I've been registered for a long time and only very rarely do i get an email. Usually the codes on here and MSE are the fastest way to get tickets. I cant see the point in these text alerts when these sites are free and fast. Why pay for something you dont need - keep checking the boards and go for FREEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!

I agree, both myself and my OH have been registered for ages, and apart from the first month, we received nothing, and only pick up tickets from MSE or Hot UK, so will the text service be any better....

Signed up! Sounds good to me... though I suspect Exeter won't get too many advance previews!

I agree - rather than worry about receiving loads of junk emails I will rely on the goodwill and community here to post the codes etc. They are so rarely at a cinema near me any way. The only time there was one near me I couldn't go that day anyway!

yep I'm registered all ready and I haven't hadone email only got tickets through codes posted on here

*wishes he'd read the whole thing before sending a txt to join!*

Bloody £1.50 is a rip off!

Original Poster

:cry:sorry about this, but had the email this morning and seeing as I have been registered on the site for about 18 mths.

feels like a scam to me

Waste of time!!! I signed up 2 months ago for text alerts and I have never had one through yet!! I have had emails telling me about upcoming showings since I originally registered for See Film First but they always come too late and tickets are usually finished. I rely on seeing the postings on Hot UK Deals and sometimes MSE, much better system for achieving tickets. Thanks to everyone who has posted the FREE TICKETS in the past, they are much appreciated! I have been to at least 20 free films in Edinburgh over the past year and it's all down to HUKD and MSE.:thumbsup:

Original Poster

:cry: i wondered why I've been feeling cold for the past few days :-(

I signed up for no more than the 2 texts at £1.50 each per week to be notified early for available tickets.

Fact it is that I have received no more than the two texts per week - IF THERE ARE FILMS AVAILABLE, [COLOR="DarkRed"]otherwise I receive no texts at all. [/COLOR]My experience is a good one so far as the last movie I saw was "Whats Happening" with Robert De Niro.
I presume there are no films in my area as I have had no texts since last preveiw. I was dubious at first, but Filmfirst have proven to be as good as thier word so far. I find this better than relying on the email coming thru for free tickets as all tickets were usually gone, plus since I joined text service I have seen at least 5 movies where I got tickets to admit two :thumbsup:

They have been good to their word, just got two texts in 3 days randomly, after singing up like months ago!

But tried to unsubscribe by texting STOP to 84010 two days ago but I still got another text today. Bloody hell, it is a rip-off!! They'll probably drag their legs in stopping the subscription to milk as much money as they can....

OK... got another text, so was pretty ****** off even though I texted STOP several times in the past.

Then dawned on me to try texting STOP VIP to 84010, and it worked! Got a text back immediately confirming my unsubscribe request.

Still, this is a clear breach of the law as the text at the end of the messages I have been getting have been saying to just text STOP to 84010. I wonder how many thousands of other people out there are being fleeced by seefilmfirst and unable to unsubscribe...

seen two films via seefilmfirst and was a rbill time out for free
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