See Filmfirst W Tues 4th of Nov
See Filmfirst    W Tues 4th of Nov

See Filmfirst W Tues 4th of Nov

This is my first post so please don't shout if I've done anything wrong
This is a new code seefilmfirst.com and enter the code: 171064


W. starring Josh Brolin, James Cromwell, Ellen Burstyn, Elizabeth Banks, Thandie Newton and Richard Dreyfuss, is three times Oscar-winner Oliver Stones third cinematic examination of an American President, following his previous works of JFK and Nixon.

W. is the story of George W. Bush; a man who struggled all his life with his personal demons, wrestling with them in his fathers long shadow. A Yale graduate, a transplanted son of Texas, a onetime drunk, a recent convert; how did this improbable person transform himself from reprobate and well-known black sheep of his esteemed family into Leader of the Free World?

W. follows his journey from Yale frat house to Texas oilfield to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and in the process, reveals the man who would become the 42nd President of the United States his struggles, his achievements and the consequences of both.

W. will be released Nationwide by Lionsgate on Friday 07 November 2008. If you would like to see W. before its cinema release just visit seefilmfirst.com and enter the code: 171064

Tuesday 04 November 2008 at 6:30pm and 7pm at Showcase and Odeon cinemas.

Edinburgh LR
Glasgow Braehed
Liverpool One
Manchester Printworks


Sheffield Already FULL

Original Poster

Sorry PEC2 just had a quick run through and most of the Venues still have tickets, sorry you didn't get any !


Thanks for your first post we3

Thanks got 2 tickets... great 1st post, heated n repped!!

Shame none in Hull

thanks, voted hot but no screenings in my area

None for Gateshead

Manchester Showcase full, but thanks for the post :-)

u said glasgow was there but its not when i put the code in, just scumdee

None in Scumdee either

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Just had a quick run through all the locations only Teeside has any tickets left

hot. none near me though :x

Thanks for post but no tickets for gateshead. repped you though. thanks
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