See Franz Ferdinand in London for £3.50 at London's Rough Trade record shop !

See Franz Ferdinand in London for £3.50 at London's Rough Trade record shop !

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Franz Ferdinand are doing a free in-store gig at London's Rough Trade record shop TOMORROW night (19th). Entry will be by wristband only.

To obtain a wristband you need to purchase a copy of Franz's new single from Rough Trade East tomorrow. It cost £3.50 (you get a CD and 7"!) and you get one wristband for the gig in the evening.

See more info here:…ht/


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Thanks for posting! Wristbands will go ridiculously quickly though, i expect a huge queue of students waiting from 8am...

If I diddnt have to go to college tomorrow I would be getting myself ready to go down there tonight, gutted.
Looks like a really good gig, if anyone goes let me know what it's like, ta


Used to always go to free instore gigs. Bands usually only play a few songs and the atmosphere isn't great. Still its good for practically free.

Also franz are doing one of these at hmv oxford street the following monday if you miss out on this one although for the hmv one they may expect you to buy the album to get a wristband:

"Franz Ferdinand will be performing live and signing copies of their new album 'Tonight: Franz Ferdinand'

hmv 150 Oxford Street, LONDON - Monday 26th January at 1.00pm*

*Access to the signing event will be restricted. 300 wristbands will be issued from the store on the day of the event from 9.00am on a first-come first-served basis, one per customer only, subject to availability."

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Definitely, but I think the atmosphere is better than most at Rough Trade!

So for £3.50 you could get the 7", the cd, admission to the gig and a wrist band?

Sounds like a good deal to me if you can get it!


Hot but not worth the trouble. It will be near impossiblity unfortunately.

If i were a FF fan i would camping outside right now to make sure, then catch up on my sleep during the day. As it is i can handle hearing them on the radio once in a blue moon.

HOT deal for the experience i suppose.
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