See No Evil, Hear No Evil £2.99 @ Play Delivered ( Quidco )
See No Evil, Hear No Evil £2.99 @ Play Delivered ( Quidco )

See No Evil, Hear No Evil £2.99 @ Play Delivered ( Quidco )

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Wilder plays Dave, the deaf proprietor of a newsstand and employer of blind gambler Wally (Pryor). When Wally's bookie is shot and killed at the stand, Dave and Wally are arrested for the crime. Since the deaf Dave had his back turned and didn't see the crime, while the blind Wally only heard it, the clues they have to offer the police are slim: Dave's glimpse of a shapely leg and Wally's whiff of a perfume called Shalimar. It turns out the dead man was in possession of a coin that he dropped into Dave's tip box, which Wally is now carrying. The coin contains a valuable microchip sought by crime baron Sutherland (Anthony Zerbe), for whom hired killer Eve (Joan Severance) and her British partner Kirgo (Kevin Spacey) are working. Posing as lawyers, Eve and Kirgo spring Dave and Wally from jail, leading to a series of misadventures as the coin changes hands and the two sensory-challenged pals attempt to learn who has framed them and why


Fuzzy Wuzzy was a woman?


Fuzzy Wuzzy was a woman?

Hehe, actually managed to say that in a conversation the other day when someone mumbled something similar. Waited 20 years or so to do that...

This is SO funny....tempted........ watched this and my cousin vinny over chrstmas at a mates house.......couldn't stop laughing...

love this film! hot!

Fantastic film. Off to try and find Stir Crazy. Heat and rep.

One of the few truly side-splitting comedies ever made!

I was ill with laughter when I saw this at the cinema.

It's a must at this price for anyone who doesn't already own it.

"Is that was that is? I thought you let one go!"

-Classic. Heat Added

What do you mean i'm not white?? does dad know?


"Because he's DEAFFFFF.... Not STUP-IDDDDD!" :w00t:

I mentioned this movie on another thread the other day (Steve Martin - The Jerk).

See No Evil, Hear No Evil and Stir Crazy are absolute comedy diamonds.

Heat added and bought!
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