See opening ceremony of the Glasgow Commonwealth Games 2014 at Vue cinemas in Scotland

See opening ceremony of the Glasgow Commonwealth Games 2014 at Vue cinemas in Scotland

Found 19th Jul 2014
Glasgow Commonwealth Games 2014 Opening Ceremony
23 July.

Upto 6 tickets available

Experience the Opening Ceremony on our giant screens!
Nobody throws a party quite like Glasgow, and they are set to build on that reputation further as they kick off the games in style on Wednesday 23rd July. The event will take place on Glasgow Green, and help support thousands of children in need in association with UNICEF.

This once-in-a-lifetime occasion will merge together a blistering array of fireworks and the finest Scottish musical talent, performing live on stage. Performers include Belle and Sebastian, Lulu, Eddi Reader, Rab Noakes, Emma Pollock, James Grant, Sarah Hayes, RM Hubbert and Roddy Hart and the Lonesome Fire, who are all honoured to be representing their country’s invitation to the world to join the party.

Her Majesty the Queen will also be in attendance, reading out the message contained within the baton that has travelled across the Commonwealth, thus marking the official start to the games. 4,500 sports men and women from 71 nations will compete in the event, and up to 1 billion people will be watching worldwide.

Those that cannot make it to Glasgow Green can enjoy the proceedings from the comfort of their local Vue Cinema, as we screen both Opening and Closing Ceremonies, exclusively in Scotland.


The blurb on the website is a tad confusing,the above acts are not those for the opening ceremony,nor is the ceremony taking place at Glasgow green,the event at Glasgow green is to view the opening ceremony on a screen,which I am guessing is NOT what the cinemas are showing , but rather the ceremony itself which will feature Rod Stewart,Nicole Sherzinger, Amy Mcdonald and Susan Boyle amongst others

wow it is confusing if they are showing the screen at Glasgow Green then it is worth going to GG to watch the event on their screen... hope they don't show that but the real thing...

think they are being a bit optimistic on anyone turning anyone actually interested in the Commonwealth Games?, nobody i know is.

The Glasgow green event is an opening party which will have live acts and also show the opening ceremony on a screen. Its a ticketed event, same for the closing party as well. There will also be similar opening and closing parties at Kelvingrove park.
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