Posted 17 February 2024

Cateye AMPP 800 Front Bike Light

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I bought one with a viz rear. I thought it was decent value

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The Cateye AMPP 800 Front Light's compact and durable alloy body features a three level battery indicator that means there is always time to get home.

With the AMPP 800, you have an even more compact, more communicative front light with increased side visibility. A true performer, in every sense of the word.


  • High power rechargeable headlight (800 lm)
  • Powerful wide beam with OptiCube™ lens technology
  • Excellent side visibility
  • Large capacity internal lithium-ion rechargeable battery (non-removable)
  • Built-in fast recharging circuit *Full charge in approx 3 hours (minimum)
  • 3-level battery indicator (Blue: Above 50% Yellow: 30-50% Red: Less than 30%)
  • USB rechargeable (Micro-USB cable included)
  • Mode memory function
  • Five light modes (High / Middle / Low / Daytime HyperConstant / Flashing)
  • Turns on High mode with double-click of power button
  • FlexTight™ bracket
  • Helmet mount and center fork bracket (optional)
  • Robust 6063 aluminium body construction with enhanced scratch resistance


  • Compatible with MTB (Off-Road)

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  1. dumplingwrestler's avatar
    Have tried various lights, some a lot more expensive. In terms of brightness they are all similar. But Cateye have the best and easiest to use mount and also simplest on/off/mode function.

    When you have to attach/detach the light all the time, you will appreciate this.
  2. michael_kerr3zq's avatar
    Amazon price matching it.
  3. MRG82's avatar
    I've got the AMP 500 on my Brompton and I've bought some spare holders so I can swap it between bikes. Works really well and much prefer it to my much more expensive Lezyne with it's rubber band mount
    dumplingwrestler's avatar
    Rubber band mounts are the worst!!
  4. BondF's avatar
    Had the 400 version,battery is weak,button is at the front of light and difficult to press in winter with gloves and the button is in the light,on the day light mode (flashing) I found that is disturbing for my eyes(maybe a small cover at the top would help).
    nemo59's avatar
    The Cateye rubber buttons always fail with usage. Then you have to bin it.
    Cateye should sell replacement rubber buttons. Its an ecological crime.
  5. Cro_Baron's avatar
    I bought the helmet mount for it, pretty good light
  6. Damien_Lye's avatar
    Great light easily worth £60 so this is an awesome deal, tempted to buy another one at this price
  7. PanelTom's avatar
    Have this as my winter light, it's fantastic, definitely recommend.

    No good on full power for long rides, but for 2 hours or so it's fine. Flashing and lower power run for plenty of time.
  8. smudgemobile's avatar
    Welcome to HUKD congratulations on your 1st deal
  9. Jino's avatar
    Have 400 and it is very great. 800 has way worse battery.
  10. BrianButterfield's avatar
    Lights are getting too bright now, I find myself blinded not only on the road, but also everyone's gardens have giant bright LED floodlights. There needs to be new laws to control it.... That said we have laws for exhaust noise and still the village sounds like an F1 race track every weekend when the bikers decide to ride around.
    Leon8181's avatar
    Cyclist should have even brighter lights, they are quite vulnerable after all.

    Maybe they could dip them a little to stop blinding people. But getting seen may save their lives.

    Though garden floodlights, if it's not in your own garden, then why is it a problem?
  11. robertdsutherland's avatar
    I have this light and it’s excellent.i don’t really ever need to use the brightest beam because I commute in London, but when I have used it, it’s done an amazing job at lighting the way ahead. I’m pretty sure I paid quite a bit more for it, so HOT!
  12. Nero1's avatar
    I've got this light too, bought it twice as the first got knicked when I forgot to take it off.... The only downside it's a micro usb (rather than usb c). A cable is included tho.
  13. nemo59's avatar
    My Cateye 400 rubber button always fail with usage.The rubber buttons seem generic?
    I wonder if a Lezyne Light Replacement Rubber Power Button Cover for £3.85p. Would fix the problem?
  14. Adam's avatar
    Great find and great price , not only do our members think this with the positive comments left on your post, but the vote counter says this to . I noticed this was your first post, thank you for taking your time to share it to the community, and if you happen to need any support while online, feel free to tag me or one of the team .
  15. nr323's avatar
    This is a great light. Love the flashing and light on combo. I agree with others that button is difficult to press in when it’s cold. But it’s not a deal breaker. Battery is great
  16. fwuffy's avatar
    Down to £32.91 now with the code CYCLING10
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