tv video archive for 1p and no ads and DVD quality!
61°Expired tv video archive for 1p and no ads and DVD quality!

Found 10th Dec 2010 is a video on demand site which has been running for about a year now and aggregates content from BBC, Channel 4 and Five (with ads).

It recently launched a subscription mechanism in which you can play this content free of ads, and it's now _ 1p _ until Dec 13 for the first month. After that the price goes up to £2.99, so remember to cancel it if you think it's not worth it!

At the moment it's interesting, as the content they have from BBC and five has very good video quality... Channel 4 has the same quality as in 4oD / youtube... which it's not great.

Give it a try... 1p is nothing...

Now, I'm off to see Hyperdrive, in DVD quality for 1p :D... I'm happy.


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And if you want to see what's more popular on the site, check this page:…100

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xruiner89 is free.

This is quite different from tvcatchup, in seesaw you can see programmes that were shown in the last week.. or some years ago, it's like a video archive. And the video quality is WAY better.

xruiner89 is free.

I agree. It's also a great way to watch Tv on my iPod touch.
Unfortunately it appears that Seesaw uses flash so I can't watch it on my iPod.
Great site though.
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Tvcatchup is crap in comparison with very poor feeds and picture quality that constantly breaks up, you can't watch anything decent on there because it always ends up cutting out or completely cutting off half way through!

xruiner89 is free.

Its also a different service

Some of you guys ain't getting it lol

seesaw does not show live content like tvcatchup, it shows archived content like Iplayer or ITVplayer but from a range of sources.

I use it to watch The Gadget Show a few hours after air without the adverts (its an ad frree and subscription free show) and skip through the dross. Far far better than demand 5 that just breaks and resets all the time.
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