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Destinations London Travel Show  2 x FREE Tickets via NCL
Found 10th JanFound 10th Jan
Free tickets to London Destinations Travel Show 31/1 to 3/2 at Olympia. Use the code EXNORW just here.. Ti… Read more

It is on in Manchester


It's a show with loads of tour companies, cruise companies and foreign tourist information people, covering pretty much the entire world. For some of the more unusual trips, like bespoke safaris, it might be worth visiting. I believe some companies offer deals as well, but we're talking about £100-£200 off a multi-thousand pound holiday rather than amazing bargains. Free tickets to this are incredibly easy to come by - I think last year I had three pairs of complementary tickets from various sources. Ultimately, I wouldn't recommend making a special trip to the show - if you're going to be in London and can spare a couple of hours, then it may be worth a look, but the result is likely to be that you'll pick up loads of travel brochures that you'll hate carrying around and probably never look at again.


Has someone previously been to it ? How is it ? What do they do?


Would go to this but I now limit any travel into London as an emergency only situation. I am now prepared to spending a few quid more on the trains to avoid going via London.


Thanks OP

Ladbrokes Snooker Tickets, Preston -  £5 See Tickets
Found 23rd Nov 2018Found 23rd Nov 2018
£5 Tickets to the Ladbrokes Players Championship March 2019, Preston Guildhall, available for £5 each! Black Friday deal. Mid week sessions including quarter finals. Be kind, th… Read more
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Sorry, expiring this one as I did it twice. First ever post! Sorry!


Will take my Girlfriend! Luckily I will get my cue stick polished... :p

London New Year's Eve Fireworks - £10 each at See Tickets
Found 28th Sep 2018Found 28th Sep 2018
I know these always go fast so thought I'd post as a reminder - goes on sale at midday today! (28th Sept) Welcome 2019 in style at the Mayor of London's New Year's Eve Fireworks. … Read more

Pay ?? It use to be free!


(lol) (lol) (lol) (lol) Snipers! (lol) 8)


Go to London - I guarantee you'll either be mugged or unappreciated


Heard on radio ULEZ in affect from 8th April 19, will this be the last fireworks? (lol) they think pollution is only caused by cars (lol)


Mickey mouse effort from London. Edinburgh the home of hogmanay

FREE Tickets for Grand Designs Live Birmingham
Found 25th Sep 2018Found 25th Sep 2018
Money Saving Expert are giving away 10,000 free tickets for Grand Designs Live Birmingham. Offer ends on 28th September. But be quick, there are only 2,000 free tickets per every … Read more



Other way is to park at the resorts worlds part rather than the grand designs part- as long as you spend £20 in one of the shops there (easily done) then parking is £2. If you def want to go GD then essentially you could say £18 off £20 spend at one of the shops there :/ (lol) (embarrassed)


No nothing, it will be really busy between stalls and walkways and apart from being able to take the sweets that most exhibitors have out, the kids will be bored senseless. TBH, it's usually that busy that I'm in two minds about going myself. OP heat added for the free tickets, managed 2 for Friday if I can go.


Yeah. They can scream and cry if they don't enjoy it.


Collect free pens? We achieved 26 last year. There were free sweets and goodies on a few stands too. My children enjoyed raiding the stalls stripping them of anything not tied down, but we wouldn't bother again this year (carparking is really expensive) It had a lot of tat being sold, and not much if you actually wanted to get information on building a "grand design".

Found 5th Sep 2018Found 5th Sep 2018
Claim up to 2 free e-tickets PER APPLICATION for the following events: London Olympia 22-24 September Birmingham NEC 29 Sep to 1 October London Excel 21-22 October Manchester Cent… Read more

Thank you, going to the Birmingham one; we decided to eff doing it here, we’re gonna go away and do it instead!


Great find, Thanks! Only Friday and Sunday tickets for Olympia available now.


Working again. Only Friday and Sat tickets now for London Olympia.


Showing as invalid code


How can it be a national show when it’s only on in England

Arctic Monkeys - extra tickets released - £79 @ See Tickets
Found 4th Aug 2018Found 4th Aug 2018
Arctic Monkeys - extra tickets released - £79 @ See Tickets
Hi peeps, not sure where to post this, but there have been some extra tickets released for the UK Arctic Monkeys tour at face value plus usual booking fee. There was a lot of stink… Read more
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Well it is in a way because it was sold out and the only way to get tickets was to pay well over the odds from touts.


They can't keep making records about being teenagers in Sheffield anymore can they?!


I voted cold because it's not a deal. That is price of the tickets, they're not on offer or anything.


Thanks for the heads up. I’ve got some friends who want to go so I found this helpful.


If tickets are priced at this level it becomes the norm of what people will accept to pay. Artists are looking for alternative income streams such as gig tickets and meet and greets now that sales have dwindled due to Spotify etc. Promoters get the blame for ticket pricing but they’re all in on it

2 for 12/2 for 15 Grand Designs Live Tickets @ See Tickets
Found 4th Aug 2018Found 4th Aug 2018
2 for 12/2 for 15 Grand Designs Live Tickets @ See Tickets
Discount code for tickets to Grand Designs Live @ NEC Birmingham 10-14 October
Corrpoate Events at The Crystal Maze LIVE Experience £2048 (for 32+ people) @ See tickets
Found 10th Dec 2017Found 10th Dec 2017
Corrpoate Events at The Crystal Maze LIVE Experience £2048 (for 32+ people) @ See tickets
I saw this on my LinkedIn last week - i checked and its only on corporate events for 32+ people (including food and meeting space). I did this last year with my team and it was ama… Read more
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Annual New Year Sale for London Theatres 2018 ~ Starting at £10!
Found 5th Dec 2017Found 5th Dec 2017
Annual New Year Sale for London Theatres 2018 ~ Starting at £10!
For any theatre lovers who are looking a cracking deal for the new year! "Annual New Year Sale is back offering £10, £20, £30 and £40 tickets for more than 45 of London’s best and… Read more
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Still lots of tickets left for most of the shows. Find the show and seat avalability then look on to get seat reviews ( many with photos of the view from the particular seat ) . Its especially useful for cheaper seats . This way you can pick a seat that has a decent view for a great price. It also gives general advice on where the best value seats are at a particular theatre.


Any tickets for Hamilton


Has anyone actually managed to get tickets for £10 that aren't behind a pillar or similar restrictive seats?


Exorcist was excellent-really enjoyed it when i saw it in bham earlier this year.


Anyone gone to the Exorcist? How was it? And any advice on the difference between the £10, £20 & £30 seats?

£7 Tickets for Ideal Home Show Black Friday Deal @ See Tickets
Found 24th Nov 2017Found 24th Nov 2017
£7 Tickets for Ideal Home Show Black Friday Deal @ See Tickets
Code BF07. One day only.
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London New Year's Eve Fireworks Tickets   £10 Only @ see tickets
Found 30th Sep 2017Found 30th Sep 2017
London New Year's Eve Fireworks Tickets £10 Only @ see tickets
Get them while they are available!
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Yep already returned my tickets and got a refund ,also cancelled the Travelodge we had booked.


Omg you’ve really put me off reading this. Sounds like the worst night ever


You've got issues (skeptical)


Ahhh yes, momentum member no doubt. Go prove my original comment wrong if you can instead of this sophist rabble you give. I'll be waiting...... And waiting......... Still waiting...


Im sorry theres no space for this sort of nonsense on this forum, poke a little fun here and there have a laugh, fine; this is way over the top. Please go back to the hole you came from and stay off the net for everyones benefit.

Grand Designs Live London Free Week Day Tickets Tues 2nd May to Fri 5th May
Found 16th Apr 2017Found 16th Apr 2017
Grand Designs Live London Free Week Day Tickets Tues 2nd May to Fri 5th May
It's here again, but not via MSE. Enter code DOP2017 for two free tickets to Grand Design Live at Excel London. Use different emails and get more I guess?
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That didn't take long then...phew!


All tickets have been taken for this code!

FREE £14+ Grand Designs Live Tickets (with code)
Found 5th Apr 2017Found 5th Apr 2017
FREE £14+ Grand Designs Live Tickets (with code)
Money Saving Expert - How to get free tickets Go online to Grand Designs Live, enter the code GDLTIX17 and select your tickets. Tickets are for one day only and you have to choo… Read more
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Parking is usually £10, nothing to do with the show


All sold out


Do you have to pay for parking? There are still lots of tickets available


And it's totally unrelated to the thread. Coz the tickets are for the event in London.


The holiday inn car park about 10 minutes walk to the closest NEC bus station is free for up to 5 hours. You know NEC has bus operating on the site right? It was close to parking area No. 6 I believe, something like North gate stop.

Free tickets to the Eat & Drink Festival
Found 17th Mar 2017Found 17th Mar 2017
Free tickets to the Eat & Drink Festival
Following up from the previous thread for anyone who may of missed out, Square Meal are also offering free tickets to the Eat and Drink festival in Olympia. Code: SMCOMP https://… Read more

I tried SMCOMP today and it worked perfectly. Thank you! :) I did buy midweek tickets though so that might have made a difference to availability. (Was against the T&Cs which said book by 23rd March!)


If you there now, there is a goody bag room next to the game stand with loads of free goodies


Just found a new code for free tickets :) ESOPEN Believe its only valid for this weekend.


ESCOMP also says invalid :(


Use code ESCOMP

Free Ideal Home Show Tickets
Found 13th Mar 2017Found 13th Mar 2017
Free Ideal Home Show Tickets
Get FREE tickets to the Ideal Home Show in London’s Olympia this March:

Heat managed to get 26th march Sunday


Dam weekends sold out


Thanks just ordered for me and my mum to go :)


Thanks...heat added...



Free tickets for the EAT & Drink Festival
Found 7th Mar 2017Found 7th Mar 2017
From the team behind the world-famous Ideal Home Show comes Eat & Drink Festival, a pioneering live experience celebrating the best the country has to offer in the world of foo… Read more

Anybody been yet? Is it good?


Hey, does anybody have a spare for today please?


Annoys me too but part of their money-making business.


I forgot to thank you when I ordered! Thanks so much!


thank you

Get tickets to Ideal Home exhibition Olympia for £10 including Saturday & Sunday (£11.70 inc del) @ See Tickets
Found 17th Nov 2016Found 17th Nov 2016
Get tickets to Ideal Home exhibition Olympia for £10 including Saturday & Sunday (£11.70 inc del) @ See Tickets
We're almost ready to open the doors - why not bring a friend for just £10! It's actually a good saving for Saturday & Sunday, which go for £20 a ticket Kids go free. £1.70 t… Read more
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​Lucky you for getting free tickets. We have always paid. Not that we can get into London anymore - but thank Southern Rail for that!


I got some free tickets & they have gone very easily for £15 on Ebay (2 tickets)


​When has the ideal home show Christmas ever been free? unless there is some local newspaper promotion?


They are normally free. Go to homebase, you'll have a better experience. Sorry I don't usually vote cold easily but paying to go to one of these shows is a rip off.