Sega DREAMCAST VMU Memory Card BLUE - BOXED NEW £2.95 + other Dreamcast New Games (Jet Set Radio, Virtua Fighter 3), new controllers for £4.55 @ The Ninja's Castle / Ebay

Sega DREAMCAST VMU Memory Card BLUE - BOXED NEW £2.95 + other Dreamcast New Games (Jet Set Radio, Virtua Fighter 3), new controllers for £4.55 @ The Ninja's Castle / Ebay

Found 26th Jan 2012
Can't believe I missed this auction. Being bored with nowadays games and feeling a little nostalgic, I went on eBay to search for a second hand Sega Dreamcast and came across this seller. They also sell new and sealed Jet Set Radio and Virtua Fighter 3 for only 3.99 delivered.

Ordered the VMU straight away. For those "younger" ones who haven't seen one, I;ll explain It's a memory card with a screen and the save data files were mini games themselves which you could play on the memory unit itself.

Who's up for some retro gaming?
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THe Dreamcast scene is still going strong, with regular new retail releases.
they don't make games like they use to, when it was all about playability. i got hold of a snes not long ago, had great fun trying to find the 96 levels in super mario world!
Shenmue - fantastic game, such a shame it, along with the Dreamcast, didn't take off
went for a spare VMU - Thanks OP , a great blast from the (not so distant) past - heat added!!!

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Great console, should have done really well, but didn't, sadly. Shenmue, resi evil, were great games. Still got mine in the loft with the keyboard et al. Think I might have to did out for some cool retro gaming. :-)
There's quite a few people who sell new VMUs at similar prices. I got myself 2 brand new black ones a couple of weeks ago for £5-6, since my girlfriend bought me a Dreamcast for my birthday (told her i wanted one again!).

I remember back in 2001, playing Phantasy Star Online over my 56k connection, chatting with my Dreamcast keyboard. So badass! :P

It'd be nice if it was a bit easier to find a copy of Shenmue for under £30 too.
Dreamcassssssssssssst!!!!!!!!!, had mine for years!, still got it and 2 others!, shenmue 1 and 2 still boxed!, Will never sell them Ive seen the prices on ebay!!!.

Thanks for posting!, lets keep the dream alive!.
Has this dude robbed a sega warehouse or what lol?, over 700 copies of jet set radio sealed?, please tell me sega's set up making games again lmao!.
Just imagine sega releasing a dreamcast 2 alongside new xbox and ps4. That would be badass.
Still play my DC regularly and brought a new VMU, if only to play some VMU mini games as my batteries have died on my others.

I'm about 15 hours into Skies of Arcadia which I had never played until recently. It's an excellent game and still holds up to RPGs today. It's got to be one of my all time favourite consoles and I really wish Sega could continue to support in some way. Even if it's clArcade conversions or indie type games.
BTW I buy off ninjas castle a lot, he is literally the best ebayer now!
Wow. I just got the time to browse the sellers store. Lots of cheap Dreamcast bits. VMU's in green too and new boxed controllers for 4.55 Click here

PS. Can anybody give me a link for the best dreamcast community site/forum?
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I've been playing my DC loads lately. Fed up of my PS3 at the moment and I've not bothered with my Xbox for ages.

Bought so much DC stuff of ebay lately. Methinks I'll be picking up a new controller and VMU off this dude.
You know what, I have a ps3 and it's just got no soul the DC has always had a soul thats the way i describe it. I remember on launch coming round my mates house after school seeing that little white box on the floor and thought WTF!, it was so advanced for it's time considering coming from the PS1/n64, then he showed me sonic adventure, I was hooked!.
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