Sega Mega Drive Console With 10 Games Limited Edition Streets Of Rage £14.99 delivered @ play

Sega Mega Drive Console With 10 Games Limited Edition Streets Of Rage £14.99 delivered @ play

Found 28th Jan 2011
Plays 10 built-in games, as well as Mega Drive / Genesis cartridges
Games included:
Alien Storm
Altered Beast
Eswat - City under Siege
Fatal Labyrinth
Golden Axe
Shadow Dancer
Sonic Spinball
Streets of Rage
Streets of Rage 3
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Same price at amazon. Please add in the title.

Never played. Is it worth buying? any suggestion

I love Golden Axe
I love Sega Mega drives

Same price at amazon. Please add in the title.

Inc. P&P?

Inc. P&P?

Yes -Delivered FREE in the UK.

Is it worth buying?
The list of games is pretty poor. That's the main reason to NOT get it, but it depends if you were / are a fan of the included games. None of these are top-grade games, let alone competition for the likes of Streets of Rage 2, the Sonic games, Gunstar Heroes, or Story of Thor.
Here's an honest opinion. If you haven't already got an original Megadrive or the recent Megadrive Collection game, then you may want to buy it. Be aware that the sound is not as good as the original Megadrive though and some cartridges may not play as they should.

If you were thinking of getting an original Megadrive sometime, then you're better off ignoring this deal and searching eBay or second-hand shops.

Same price at amazon.

Amazon are 2 to 3 weeks for dispatch, Play are 24 hours.
I really want one of these for the nostalgia, but reviews dont seem to be too great might try and buy a mint condition megadrive at some stage, but theyre a hell of a lot dearer
These play like ****, low framerates and awful sound.
You could always go down the emulator route, then you just need to source the games, and a PC compatible megadrive pad. The last one I tried was pretty much spot on.

Obviously that's not strictly legit but it does the job...

These Megadrive products by Blaze are crap. I got the handheld one as a … These Megadrive products by Blaze are crap. I got the handheld one as a present and it broke, for no apparent reason after the second use. I would expect the build quality on this to be equally as bad - just look at the reviews..Couple that with the fact it's missing many, many classic and bestselling Megadrive games. I would 100% recommend the Xbox 360 / PS3 game which has all the best games bundled on there (well, a significantly larger amount than this thing does!)If you want a megadrive console, get a real one! They're better than these things any day, especially in the sound department as the chips in these just don't produce the music as well as the original.

Either get a good PC emulator or buy the real thing, these knockoff consoles are terrible.
I ordered it. Now I am cancelling my order after reading the comments
You can play most of these free online on websites in Java or get a free emulator!

I can see the nostalgia appeal, but it's more about your memories than the quality of the game! Really, you probably have a modern PC and console with enough proper games to last a lifetime that are soo much better!

The only exception I make is for Skool daze/Bak 2 Skool, which has never been beaten from the ZX spectrum and maybe Manic Miner/Jet Set Willy, etc.

Chances are this is nothing more than an emulator implemented in hardware I doubt Motorola still makes the CPU(68000) anymore.

Don't think it's fair to vote it cold though, £15 doesn't get you a lot nowadays.

So when the price goes up on a product that makes it a new deal now? ridiculous. This was £14.99 yesterday, stupid posting it again at a HIGHER price.
Why have they left Streets Of Rage 2 out, that was my favourite out of the 3.
Just drop by a car boot sale, have my original MD stored away but picked up a couple for my kids for £2.00 with games.

Plenty of them around and as they run cartridges most of the old games still work too.
Good deal seen it in HMV the other day for £30
This is essentially a 'console on a chip'. No *real* hardware but does a reasonable job of emulation (understandably games will never be absolutely 100% though). Unlike the *real* thing, this can also play both PAL and NTSC cartridges. For £15 this is a fantastic deal IMHO.

I'd buy an original Sega Mega Drive in a heartbeat if they still sold them new, but alas they don't. At some point I'll probably buy one second hand. For now, this will do very nicely.

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