Sega Mega Drive Twin Player Console + 15 Games £32.99 @ Play.com
Sega Mega Drive Twin Player Console +  15 Games £32.99 @ Play.com

Sega Mega Drive Twin Player Console + 15 Games £32.99 @ Play.com

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* Plays all region original Sega Megadrive and Genesis cartridges
* Comes with 15 classic Sega Megadrive games built in
* Comes with two six button controllers
* Plugs directly into your TV
* Small and portable

* 1. 2x six button controllers
* 2. Sega Mega Drive Twin Player Console
* 3. AC power adapter
* 4. TV connector


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The 15 preloaded Sega games:

* Alex Kid - You guide Alex through eleven stages by fighting and avoiding enemies and obstacles. Alex can jump, kick, crawl or punch enemies, causing them to explode into gold coins, called Baums
* Alien Storm - a side-scrolling beat 'em up game. You select from 3 different characters to embark upon a quest to save the Earth from an alien invasion
* Altered Beast - a side scrolling, platform, beat 'em up game that puts you in control of a centurion who had died in battle
* Arrow Flash - a multi-scrolling shooter game
* Bonanza Bros. - a platform game where you take the role of one or both of the brothers, Robo and Mobo
* Columns - a puzzle arcade game similar to Tetris
* Crack Down - Using a top-down perspective (akin to Gauntlet), you control either Ben or Andy, a pair of agents charged with stopping mad scientist Mr. X from taking over the world
* Decap Attack - You control a living mummy, named Chuck D. Head, through various side-scrolling levels in an effort to battle an underworld army led by Max D. Cap.
* E Swat - a cyber police action game (Extra Special Weapons and Tactics)
* Fatal Labyrinth - a nondescript hero that has agreed to enter a forbidden labyrinth, battling various monsters
* Flicky - In the game, you control Flicky, a bird who has to save the Chirps, from housecats
* Gain Ground - you control one of a set of characters at a time. There are twenty characters, each with different weapons
* Golden Axe - a side-scrolling Conan the Barbarian-style game set in a fantasy medieval world
* Shadow Dancer - an action game that's the sequel to a previous game called Shinobi
* Sonic And Knuckles - a platform game where the story picks up from the ending of Sonic 3

Extremely low quality.
MartinScott | 10/05/2009 | See all MartinScott's reviews (7) »
First impressions were great. A brand new and very cute little Mega Drive that not only has a bunch of built-in games, but also accepts old Mega Drive cartridges. It comes with two six button control pads, it's region-free, and it even has a little PAL - NTSC switch on the back to play imported games at the correct speed. One would think the only minor niggle would be the composite output (which itself is better than the RF most of us had to make do with back when the Mega Drive was king). In any case, it's a decent enough image for these games (too clear and you'd see all the massive pixels), and definitely an improvement over RF, if that's what you used to use. Of note is that stereo sound is not possible on this unit. It only outputs a single channel down the white (left) audio cable.
So far, so good, then. As soon as you get it home and open it, you realize it's all a bit 'too good to be true'. This product has that awfully cheap, plastic-y feel of extremely shoddily-manufactured rubbish from some random factory in China. The console is lighter than my wallet. Feels hollow. Just by changing the orientation of the control pad, the buttons clatter about unbelievably. The pads are also quite tiny. Not the size of the genuine articles. They're about the size of your average mobile phone, give or take. Like scale models of the original pads.
Now, these are all significant downsides, but we haven't even gone into playing it. Upon turning it on, I realized that what we have here is NOT a Mega Drive, but in fact an emulator in disguise. This would be OK if we were running our emulator on a modern PC, but we're not. I tried putting a couple of old carts in it. Sonic seemed to work fine, and Micro Machines *played* fine, but the sound was glitching all over the place.
As mentioned by others, the built-in games play at the wrong speed. I think this is because the built-in games are the NTSC versions, but they will only output in PAL (for some reason, the switch on the back of the unit does nothing), causing the games to run 17% slower than they should. Since a lot of games weren't optimized for PAL, our versions were 17% slower anyway. But a lot of the big blockbuster games (Sonic 2 onwards, Earthworm Jim, etc) were optimized for PAL. It's cool that Sonic & Knuckles is built-in, but it's strange playing it in what almost seems like slow-motion.
Anyway, all these problems would ultimately be forgiveable if it wasn't built to such a low standard. A mate of mine has one of the original Mega Drive units (the big one). It is some 19 years old, and works now as it did when he bought it. This? It broke on me after three days. I can forgive crap controllers when the unit is compatible with the original peripherals. I can forgive the hit and miss emulation, so long as the majority of games run without any huge issues.
What I can't forgive is such terrible workmanship. I know it's gotten all positive reviews so far, but I get the impression that people just open it up, scream with joy, and proceed to post a beaming review of it because they're so delighted, without spending some real time with it to get to know the pros and cons. I've had McDonalds Happy Meal toys that are sturdier than this piece of garbage. My advice is to just get a real Mega Drive. They're built to last, and one will set you back around a tenner or so. Incidentally, I think Play should have a retro section, or at least allow Play Traders to sell retro stuff. In any case - avoid this, however alluring it may be.

I was considering one of these as they are 'updated'. However you cannot 'save games' on it, which I thought would have been one of the main features.

you couldn't save games on a Mega drive though?


you couldn't save games on a Mega drive though?

No you couldn't save on the original Mega Drive unless the game cart supported it. However you'd expect something like this to have some sort of built in save feature. Most emulators allow you to save and they're free.

This seems a little expensive to me. You could just run emus on you pc, xbox, psp, dreamcast etc etc for free if you really want to play mega drive games. You could even pick up the genuine device with a few games for less than this. Not voted either way.

These things are always bad quality and cheap. Read the reviews at the bottom of the page (not the 1 paragraph ones) like the one bobafett quoted.

"Sega Mega Drive: Ultimate Collection" also available on the PS3, btw.



Maybe you should comment on the fact that I have found another way to … Maybe you should comment on the fact that I have found another way to play these games rather than just tell everyone it's also availible for the PS3, why didn't you post the PS3 option was there ? , are you just reading my posts as a fanboy?.Oh but of course You probably own every other console and computer in existence so you cannot be biased, Just like me eh.

I'm just balancing out all the other one-sided views certain people here have, that's all.

I found the thread after you posted, and specifically/deliberately only for the 360 version, so I post the other option, it's giving a heads up to other people, if case they think this game is only available on 1 platform, due to the info posted previously.

Everyone can be biase, but the fact someone owns all 3 current gen consoles means he/she can have a fairer, less one-sided view.

your loyalty to MS/360 is astounding, they should give you a medal for that.


LOL seriously mate you need to grow up,I really don't give a flying FU** … LOL seriously mate you need to grow up,I really don't give a flying FU** what system these are on so just keep away from me , you are spooking me out "and that's being nice about it."

LOL at the growing up comment, having a more mature, less one sided and biase view on a subject is a good sign of growing up. (and we all know you do care which system it's on)

obviously we have very different views & unlikely to agree, so yeah, staying away from each other is good, just try & don't quote or reply to eachothers posts.

I don't need to convince anybody, I just said we should/agree to stay away from eachother, and straight away you're replying to my post, you just can't help your natural instincts can you? We all know you're one of the most active 360 fanboys on hukd, so fanboy-hating comments to a multiplatform owner is rather hypocritical and funny.

repetition is futile, hypocrisy is obvious.

let's just draw a line here & get on with our seperate & different lives.

A preowned XBOX from GameStation is about £25, you can softmod for free.
You end up with:
XBOX, Media Center and MegaDrive and all the other features of the modded XBOX for cheaper than this crappy product. Plus the MegaDrive emulator for XBOX is pretty smooth, and lets you save games too.
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