Sega Megadrive Flashback with 85 games. More than £10 off RRP. £69.85 @ Simply games

Sega Megadrive Flashback with 85 games. More than £10 off RRP. £69.85 @ Simply games

Found 8th Aug 2017Edited by:"Rampancy"
Outputs at 720P over HDMI, plays original cartridges, comes with 2 wireless controllers and 85 games built in games. Not all the games are megadrive titles, some are master system / game gear and about 28 others sound like shovelware rubbish. Reviews have been a bit iffy so far but according to Kotaku UK the units reviewed so far had early beta software on them, so hopefully the final retail version should be much better. RRP is £79.99 so these are as cheap as you are likley to find them. At under £70 its the same price as the SNES Mini and could be worth a shot, although you might want to wait for the final reviews to come out before making that decision. This is a preorder since the release date is the 27th of October 2017.

Link to Kotaku UK article:…ays
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This console got terrible reviews. Shame SEGA don't give it the official treatment like Nintendo
Warning I've read a few reviews who say it's still by atgames with the poor sound/game emulation they used in previous models
I did warn that the reviews so far had been iffy, but apparently the final units will be running an improved revised firmware. But yeah, if in doubt wait for the final reviews.
I'm willing to pay Nintendo £70 for their mini SNES because its first party and trustworthy. But £70 for a third-party, padded out with Crapware and they send out dodgy versions for review? I would rather take my chances with a Chinese rip-off at half that price, or use an emulator. After all, using an emulator and ROMs is probably just as legal as this thing is!
Cheaper to buy off steam then configure your controller to Megadrive specification.
if the name ATgames is involved you know to stay the hell away from them
I'm not going near this thing
Such a pity this is meant to be junk. Would look great along with the other mini consoles that have come out recently.
I'll be certainly passing on this one, such a shame.
I enjoy these threads. So whats everybody voting?
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