Sega Rally Revo [Xbox 360] from SoftUK - £11.99 (+2% Free Fivers)

Sega Rally Revo [Xbox 360] from SoftUK - £11.99 (+2% Free Fivers)

Found 9th May 2008
SoftUK are selling "Sega Rally Revo" for the Xbox 360 for £11.99.
Use the code "Cheap Games" (without quotes) to get free delivery.

You can get cashback via some sites (e.g. 2% Free Fivers, making it £11.75). You can also get 6% cashback through SoftUK's 'Collector' program

£12.95 is the next best price from BlahDVD.


The introduction of SEGA Rally to the arcades in 1995 had the single biggest impact on the racing genre. Subsequent console rally games concentrated on a realistic simulation of the sport, but their popularity, reflected in sales, steadily dropped over the last decade. Now, SEGA Rally is back and set to reinvigorate the genre with the vital ingredients that many of the modern racers lack fun, character and beauty, with few rally games able to match its unique and rewarding experience. Rallys dead, long live SEGA Rally.

Bumper to bumper Rally racing: Close competitive Rally racing with multiple cars on track racing bumper to bumper across Rally inspired environments.

Deformation: Fully deformable environments and surfaces that will ensure no two laps, let alone a race, will be the same.

Speed and adrenaline: Fun, looping tracks, with a wide variety of surface types and vehicles including 4WD, 2WD and Classic vehicles.

A driving fantasy: Set to offer a wonderfully vibrant graphical world, featuring 8 different environments each taking inspiration from exotic locations around the world.

Competition: Advanced AI, multiplayer and online capabilities will ensure a healthy level of competition for all standards of driver.

Immediacy: Arcade accessibility with simulation depth.



£10 in blockbusters :whistling:

Not a great fan of this game - purchased for 9.99 a while ago - tried to like it, but was too difficult to have an immediate impact - some may enjoy if they persist.

Yeh shame for people who missed the £9.99 at Choices deal. But least you wouldn't be paying too much over what it was.

Not the best game in the world, Colin McRae DiRT is much much better.
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