Sega Superstar Tennis (XBox360) £5.97 delivered @ Tesco Ent

Sega Superstar Tennis (XBox360) £5.97 delivered @ Tesco Ent

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Found 7th Feb 2010
Classic SEGA stars from years gone by make a triumphant return in SEGAs multiplayer tennis title.

Its not just SEGA staples like Sonic and Tails who show up in this tennis title - the cast is huge, from well-known mascots to beloved characters of old, such as Beat from Jet Set Radio and Ulala from Space Channel 5. Along with the sixteen playable characters, ten tennis courts from previous SEGA titles, such as Alex Kidd and House of the Dead (with zombies intact), have been included.

As well as Exhibition and Superstar modes, which allows the player to complete tournaments or challenge characters to a set, mini-games are included to break up the action, all based on SEGA series such as Space Harrier and even Virtua Cop. Up to four players can join these games, with various courts and game settings included.

Sega Superstar Tennis is a well-rounded tennis title in its own right, but its also a fantastic fan service for those whove grown up with the many characters and games included in this release.

* Let's play crazy tennis! - A unique take on tennis.
* Planet Superstar - Take to the tour and travel around SEGA's favourite game worlds - with a host of modes and secrets to discover.
* SEGA Legends - Play as or against over 15 of SEGA's greatest heroes, each with their own unique Superstar tennis skills!
* Fantastical SEGA courts - Featuring hilarious cameos and NPC's from SEGA World to cheer on the games.

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